I mainly will play games of all varieties and do some CAD Modeling/Drawing on the side with this beast. My old computer ran perfectly fine but was soon to be outdated. My main reasons for doing this upgrade was for the learning experience since my old computer was built with the help of my friend and to future proof it so upgrades will not be necessary in the near future. Will post pictures soon ™.

Part Reviews


Runs cool with my 360mm AIO even when OC'd to 5.0 . Works like a charm

CPU Cooler

Keeps my i7 9700k chill while providing great rbg looks. I gave a -1 star because the fan curves are too aggressive in cam causing the fans to increase/decrease speeds at certain temps.


Great for overclocking for like a beginner like me. works well and has m.2 ports


Best looking ram out there will performing fast. little expensive but its white and rgb so it fit my build


Great m.2 for my os. boots in seconds. would recommend a larger size if you want to use it for more than booting


Fast and reliable. I wanted to switch all my games and such from my hdd to this ssd and I do not regret it. Everything is insanely fast.

Video Card

At first the sole reason I got this was the fact that there isnt much other white gpu's out there. but the performance is great and allows me to play everything I want in 1080 on high/ultra with 100+ fps. would reccomend the 2080 tho if you have the extra money.


Great cable management and air flow. Also is white which fit my build

Power Supply

fully modular 750 gold psu. what else to say works like a charm.


OK monitor for the price. when i first got it i didnt expect nvidia to give it gsync compatible but it did. for the price tho its worth the 144hz and 1ms.


Great response but only got it to match my mouse. wish it had macro keys tho.


12 buttons on the side is a must for me now. worth


always been a turtle beach fanboy since console. great audio and wireless. the charge tends to get shorter over time but that expected with all rechargeable things.


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