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YAWABB, Yet Another White And Black Build

by FluttershysYAAY



Date Published

Oct. 12, 2015

Date Built

Sept. 30, 2015

CPU Clock Rate

4.5 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

22.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

36.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.126 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

7.01 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

41.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

76.0° C


So, here's my White and Black build. I've been seeing more and more of these on here and thought to build my own.

I'm only using this for Gaming at 4K 60FPS.

I started out with I was on 2 no branding, TN 1080p monitors and I hated it. then I picked up the U2715H, 1440p IPS 60Hz. Loved it,

Then, a chance came along and I picked up the P215Q IPS 60Hz, and went into 4K with only a single GTX 970. LOL. I then bought another off my brother, and was not able to SLI them to due PCB differences. Bummer.

That's what forced me to build this machine.


Old SSD from previous build, reformated. Old WD HDD from previous build (just died this morning) The 2 Barracudas came in a pack off Amazon, wish I got the same sizes but oh well.

Keyboard: Had this for around a year, love it. I wish they had Blues but Browns feel just as nice. Mouse: Very, very smooth. Like butter. No sensor issues.


These backplates are magnetic from V1Tech, At the time I bought them there were only 3 designs, now there's so many. AND you can even upload a custom design. Damn, I wish I did that instead.


For some odd reason, I was only given 1 6pin connector. the rest were 6+2 I don't understand why. It looks ugly D: I also forgot to order cable combs. Oops.

Part Reviews


Currently clocked at 4.5Ghz at 1.31volts, my chip seems to be a little touchy, where putting it to 4.6Ghz seems to not fair so well. And putting it below 4.5Ghz at 1.31Volts, does the same.

I can't even go to 4.4Ghz on 1.31, It only works for 4.5Ghz. I don't know, don't ask. It's stable, and that works for me.

CPU Cooler

Rip. discontinued, got mine a week before and it's working perfectly. Keeping the CPU around 20c idle, and under 35c under 100% load (Prime95) I've yet to see it go into the 40c while Gaming, only during Prime95 after an hour.


I like and hate this mobo.

M.2 is in a nice spot to show it off, Lanes are spaced out well for good cooling in non-blower design cards. But there's where it ends for me.

The Sata ports are facing UPWARDS which makes it VERY annoying to use with Multi-GPUs as the second card will be ontop of the ports. Even with right angels it puts too much pressure on them, and good luck trying to use non-right angels there. It's impossible. The entire right side is UNUSED, why not push the ports and make them face the right? I don't understand.

PWM headers are also hard to reach with Multi-GPUs, and one of them is unusable with a 2nd card.

Really glancing over minor details that add up.

Video Card

I want to start off by saying YES, GPU 2 does have a SLIGHT sag, that is explained later on in the case section.

Here's the thing, 980Tis would've given more FPS. But 980s are STILL the sweet spot in terms of price/performance at 4K.

Even in the newest Star Wars BattleFront I was getting over 70FPS most of the time, dipping into the high 50s in major fights. (With lots of pew pews)

As for temps, IDLE is around 45c for top GPU, and 50c for bottom. Load is okay, would like to see lower. 78c for GPU 1, 71c for GPU 2.

The difference is the fact that both monitors are plugged into GPU 1 netting it more load = higher temps.


I really love this case, VERY easy to build in, great cable management (I know I didn't show mine but that's because of me being lazy) It looks fine, I'm just too lazy to turn it around and take the panel off and take a picture. Sue me.

I don't like the fact that mine was shipped with stripped screw holes for the GPU brackets. GPU 2 is not 100% screwed in and it bothers me so much.

I wish the window was bigger or if that Define S window was compatible but it is not. :(

Power Supply

This is a refurbished PSU, it's been going strong for over a month so let's hope for more.

Case Fan

Super Silent, LOTS of Pressure. I don't see myself using any other fans anytime soon. Rubber mounting for anti-vibration, full black to match any colour scheme. PWM for full speed management.


1440p IPS, 60Hz. Haven't had any issues really like this monitor.


4K IPS, 60Hz. Small issue with mine is that sometimes cables need to be unplugged and plugged in after a full reboot or it doesn't detect it. Tried different cables, even went from DP to Mini-DP. Not a big issue.

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dns637 3 points 41 months ago

could use a little bit of cleaning up on the cable, make them look nice and tidy =)

but nice build

X99Intel 2 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

Beautiful build! I would recommend trying to fix thise connecters for the gpus but it looks great nevertheless. Have fun! +1

johngerges582 2 points 41 months ago

That motherboard is noice.

Like super noice.


loader963 2 Builds 1 point 41 months ago

Now that is a pretty zebra!

waverider 1 point 41 months ago

You are getting pretty respectful frame rates with your cards in 4k. I have an SLI 970 / 6700k rig in 4k/60hz and I am able to max out GTA V with upper 50's. I have my first 980ti bought and just waiting to buy my second for 980ti-SLI. Nice build you have there. Good job.

Wolfreject 2 Builds 1 point 41 months ago

Love the backplates, got mine from the same place, was stuck with one of the basic designs as well, he overhauled his website about a month after my purchase, the red/black dragons are pretty tho.

FluttershysYAAY submitter 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

Wish I waited, but oh well. They looks awesome already.

AWholeLotOfLag 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

"went into 4K with only a single GTX 970. LOL."


FluttershysYAAY submitter 1 Build 2 points 41 months ago

Oh the regret after doing so.

AWholeLotOfLag 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

I can only imagine.

jagoxz 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

B/W builds are my favorite. This one is amazing. I agree with others that cable management would make it look even better. GG

FluttershysYAAY submitter 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

Combs are ordered but are out of stock, 2 weeks out :(

Yokai 1 point 41 months ago

You could've bought Windows 10 for 15$ off of Reddit they sell keys legally. Either way sick build I wish I had the money to build something like this :3

FluttershysYAAY submitter 1 Build 4 points 41 months ago

That sounds extremely shady.

kaan 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

All Dell's have the issue you mentioned by the way, it comes in different flavors, sometimes OS's/updates fix some of the issues, sometimes the monitors just flatly die until you re-plug them manually

Bee66 12 Builds 1 point 41 months ago

Does the MSI Z170A Krait Gaming motherboard have its Audio Boost Traces light up White?

FluttershysYAAY submitter 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

Yes, but it's very faint.

CoopBro 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

This is my build I am wanting to build, but I love the MSI krait sooooo much better (MSI is coming out with an all black verion that may be a consideration) than the Asus one, but I switched because of the upwards sata ports, so I have a few questions, if you don't mind.

You mentioned in your review that the sata ports were upright and that is a problem, I want to know how many drives can you connect with one/two GPUs and how much of a challenge it is, but seeing as you have 4 drives installed I am assuming you can have up to the max, or am I wrong?

How do you like windows 10? There is Windows 8(.1?) on our computers at my high school and I dislike it, but it is the cheapest out there, so is it worth upgrading to 10?

Overall looks great and hope you have a good day :)

FluttershysYAAY submitter 1 Build 2 points 41 months ago

GPU 2 is directly ontop of the Sata ports, making it very hard to make them work.

I have 4 drives, 2 of which use right angled sata connectors, the other 2 use the straight connectors. Getting them in and then putting the GPU 2 in was annoying. It took me around 10 minutes to finagle the cables down enough to get it to click in. I wouldn't suggest getting this mobo if you have more than 2 drives.

Windows 10 is free upgrade, 100% better than Windows 8/8.1.


CoopBro 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago


I only planned on installing 2 drives, 1 boot drive SSD along with a few things (IDK what) and a mass storage one, plus I will only have just one GPU (unless I feel like 2 is needed in the years to come, but I would probably just upgrade), or I will go for the new SLI plus MSI mobo that is all black that looks nice, depends on the looks, I have been looking at completed builds to see how it looks the best (That's how I found your nice build)


Again thanks for the information! :D

manirelli staff 8 Builds 1 point 41 months ago

Please do not discuss that site here. Those keys are grey market and we do not support them.

manirelli staff 8 Builds 1 point 41 months ago

Please do not suggest that site here. Those keys are grey market and we do not support them.

mxpx4182 1 point 38 months ago

I'm really looking at getting that 4k IPS monitor but I only have a 750ti. This would be purely for photo editing, since the games I play are lame and cheap and don't come anywhere near 4k. Do you think my old 750ti could work this monitor for 4k photography? Do you still like it as much several months later? Upvoted.

Dwarkas 1 point 33 months ago

Hi I'm planning on building a Black and white theme too with a white R5 and the Krait :D

I read that due to it's narrower size there's less support for the motherboard, what is your opinion on this? How does the motherboard fit and feel? Any issues?

Thank you so much :)

45gumballs 1 point 28 months ago

I see you went for the AIO cooler H100i (240mm) instead of the H110i (280mm). Was there a reason for that?
I'm planning a similar build with an R5 case and can't decide which AIO to get.
I want to put it on the side like yours (most people seem to put it on the roof) and want to keep the 5.25 bays at the top for a DVD/BluRay combo. Do you think that will fit?

ghost2jz 1 point 27 months ago

How do you upload pictures?

[comment deleted by staff]
FluttershysYAAY submitter 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

Working. Where else?

[comment deleted by staff]
FluttershysYAAY submitter 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

Ha, it's just delivery. Nothing major. I just saved over the course of 2 summers.

[comment deleted by staff]
Iceman320 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

SLI Bridge I am pretty sure, but yeah it looks Snazzy :)

[comment deleted by staff]