I mainly built this beast for VR but I do some 4k gaming on it as well.

Part Reviews


This cpu runs cool and strong at 5ghz oc,idles at 34c and 61c maxed out on a 240mm aio

CPU Cooler

Keeps my cpu very cool and looks great too!


I love this mobo but i overlooked the fact that it doesn't have an optical audio out port and only one lighting color.


Fast and beautiful,I love the rgb control for these!

Video Card

This is a boss! It scored a 182% on userbenchmark with a light OC,it can handle anything I throw at it.


They don't make them like this anymore,huge case and very easy to work inside of,just wish it had an optional full glass see through side.Stock fans are huge and a little loud but I kind of like the industrial sound LOL!


This isn't the display I'm running right now but there isn't mine on the list. My display is a Vizio 4k 3840x2160 120hz 43 inch tv that is fantastic!


Not running these also,wouldnt let me add my real speakers which are $1000 used. I am using Definitive Technology BP8060st's on a Pioneer Elite reciever.


We have alot of surge and outage in my area and this thing has saved my ***!


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+1 for that coolermaster cosmos case on the floor.

That was my first case, that thing is a beast!

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LOL I love that cosmos and I will put a build in it!