Was trying to go for a budget build at first but i forgot to account for tax so the price ended up being much higher. Original budget was supposed to be $1500 CAD. Haven't used it much so I am unable to provide the CPU and GPU temperatures under loads and idle. At first, it was tricky as one ram stick was dead and it was in the main ram slot so the computer didn't boot, but I got that worked out. All the parts I used were great and I was going for a orange and black colour scheme but red and RGB works with orange too. Couldn't find a monitor at the time so I had to buy one on boxing day. Next step is replacing the dead ram stick and adding LEDs in it, either in the form of fans or as an LED strip.

Sorry for the bad photo quality and lighting, my iphone couldn't send the pictures in full resolution and the camera and flash isn't that good. The light in that room is also terrible.

*Note: All the prices are from NCIX, Direct Canada, and Newegg and already includes tax.

Part Reviews


Works great, very silent works very well with my CPU cooler. Didn't really like the stock CPU fan but I got a new one so it's okay. Totally deserves a five star!

CPU Cooler

Amazing performance, despite it being my first build, works incredibly silently and keeps my CPU at really low temps of around 20 centigrades


Great Motherboard although it's not one for looks. Pretty good but one problem I had was that the 8-pin connector on the MoBo was on the other side of the board and it was very hard to connect it but other than that, great motherboard.


Works great and is excellent, heat spreaders also add a cool look to it. Only problem I had with it was that one ram stick was dead.


Great M.2 SSD, works very fast and boots up the computer in a second or so.


Great HDD, although it's not as fast as a SSD, it's still pretty good.

Video Card

Excellent gaming graphics card, loved it and the RGB lighting on the side is very nice. What I really liked was that the fans would only operate once the GPU reached a certain temperature.


Excellent case. No other comments. I really liked the colour scheme though.

Power Supply

Good PSU, would recommend for first time builds.

Operating System

Works great.


Works excellent, can't find any dead pixels on the screen.


Works amazing! It makes flick shots in CSGO a lot easier.


Really liked this headset because it matched my colour scheme but one problem is that sound won't play from it when watching youtube videos or watching netflix but it works on video games.

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  • 41 months ago
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Looks nice for the budget

  • 41 months ago
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  • 41 months ago
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You're welcome

  • 41 months ago
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Nice one. I use to have a Silent Base 600, and I loved it. Really quiet, plenty of room, and quite unique in shape and form compared to other cases on the market. The orange highlight makes it :)

  • 41 months ago
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Congrats for your first build! +1

  • 35 months ago
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Ok so can u explain to me y the heck u bought a 109$ case and put a freaking 1050 ti in it instead of a 1060 or hey idk a 1070 wich was well within your budget like this build I put together

  • 35 months ago
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I really wanted to stick with the i5 and the case matched my colour scheme.