I used a Dell 3847 system as a turn key solution/platform to upgrade off of. I bought the machine from Fry's, priced matched to Amazon and considering the CPU cost + Windows 8.1 license (at the time of purchase) alone I felt it was a good deal.

I bought this unit with the intent of upgrading a few things. SSD immediately (as show in the part list) and the GTX 750 as it did not require a power supply upgrade. Replaced the case fans for some with more CFM power at their "stock" size.

Later on I changed out the power supply for a smaller/more power efficient unit. There is some room to bump up the specs on the GPU but I am not sure if I will for this system.

Later on I will upgrade to 16gb ram as I primarily use this for photoshop.

Fun time with a pre-built!

Part Reviews


Great processor. I wanted a Quad core (having never had one previously) and from all the benchmarks this holds up decent in games. Not the absolute newest (was when purchased) anymore, however I don't play current gen games typically on PC Anyways.

Primarily it is used for Handbrake + Photoshop CC and does a wonderful job.


This was a fast drive when first purchased, now it just acts as a storage cache drive for all Photoshop image previews and scratch disk usage.


Very fast, super easy software to transfer the entire HD. Cloned the brand new Windows 8.1 install over (after updating out of the box) and everything went smooth.

They have these in much higher GB now and for lower cost. I would probably buy the 500gb model now at minimum if buying again however.


Runs quite fast, somewhere around 170mb read speeds. Does well holding photo's and handbrake movie files.

This drive does however make audible noises while being accessed and a strange mechanical noise when parking.

Video Card

This little card plays the games I typically play on high/ultra settings without stutter (Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void, Civilization Beyond Earth, Torchlight II and Tropico 5). Obviously not a gaming power house anymore, but for some older games, monitor support, graphics acceleration in Photoshop it does great.

Runs extremely silent, does not get hot and even when the fan profile ramps up it is still a very pleasing sound. Able to run 2 monitors with easy and even 4k monitors.

This card has also never crashed the computer under load with the CPU under load as well, and receives all power from the stock Dell 300w power supply.

Power Supply

I know, SFX in an ATX case. This little power supply however is rated SUPER well, the fan comes on just about never (and when it does, according to reviews, at 100% power delivery it is below 30 db). I wanted a supply I could carry over to a future build, and that would most likely be a mini-itx style.

The only thing wrong with this unit is the single, four span sata cable. It has a super short reach and typically will end up having one or two sata portions non-functional due to how you route the cables. However, the dual 8pin PCI's make up for that! Just make sure you plan how you will mount your drives.

Case Fan

Replaced the stock Dell fan with this. It will only run at the minimum setting due to power delivery from the motherboard rear fan connector however it moves more air than stock.

Case Fan

Replaced the stock Dell fan for the CPU with this. The stock system averaged 63-65 degrees under load, and this brought that down to about 58 degrees. Also, it runs at the lowest setting, providing more air than stock to the CPU cooler.

This fan is quite loud at mid-high settings however, and considering you have to open your case every time you want to switch, it is not very user friendly. I ran some tests on low vs high and it didn't really move the temps lower than by a degree or two, so not worth adjusting past the low setting.


This is a great monitor if you know what you are getting into. I had wanted to run dual monitors for a while, I wanted them to match AND I saw these one sale at Best Buy for $99 each. I had a $90 gift card already so got two of them for $120 out of pocket.

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  • 37 months ago
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Not a bad build! I had a 750 ti a little while back and it was a great card!

I love passive/semi-passive power supplies!

All-in-all good build! +1

  • 37 months ago
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Thanks for the comments! I was originally going to build a PC and then learned my Windows 7 copy would not transfer once installed to a system. Not wanting to pay Microsoft $100 for a new OS, this pre-built system was a pretty decent deal.

The cables leave much to be desired, and I could spruce it up a bit, however there is not much point. The little 750 works pretty good for the few games I play (starcraft, tropico, civilization). Not too many complaints with how many components come in these systems.

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