I built this machine with the intent of using FL Studio and Finale while connected to my speaker system (Bose 301's). I have a >$2k rig in a different location. I do not have ethernet in my room, so I placed the rig in my attic where it can reach the router.

This setup works extremely well considering its price and size. This machine can utilize FL Studio and Finale perfectly. I have used this to play some games such as League, CSGO, and emulators. I haven't purchased it yet but I am assuming FTL (faster than light) would work well. The games can all be played (at minimum settings) with the APU from AMD.

CPU: AMD A8-7600 3.1 GHz Quad-Core

AMD CPUs work amazingly well for their price. The only reason to get a pentium over an AMD cpu would be to leave room for upgrades. For $70, a quad-core CPU with 3.1 GHz is an amazing deal to say the least.

GPU: AMD A8-7600 3.1 GHz Quad-Core

Again, none of the tasks that are completed with this computer require graphic power. The APU aspect of this chip works very well for the price. League can be run at 60Fps at minimum settings. If I ever wanted to use this computer for a graphically intense task, I would grab the GPU in my rig and put it in this machine.

Motherboard: ASRock FM2A78M-ITX+ Mini ITX FM2+

I don't think I spent $67 dollars on this motherboard, but even so, it is a great motherboard for the price (considering that Mini-ITX motherboards tend to be a bit pricey). The only thing lacking with this motherboard is a PCI Express x1 slot, but that is a consequence of Mini ITX. The PCIE 2.0 Slot has a fragile and kind of annoying plastic connector, but it is not a huge issue.

Memory: Crucial 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1600

What can I say, it's the cheapest 1x8 ram. I chose 1x8 incase I wanted to upgrade to 2x8.

Case: Cooler Master Elite 130 Mini ITX Tower

I know this isn't the exact case that I have, but it is really close. The case contains the ugliness on the inside and honestly does not look that bad for the cheapest Mini ITX case on the market at the time. The cable management is horrendous, but I didn't even attempt that.

Power Supply: EVGA 430W ATX12V / EPS12V

This PSU is very cheap with a low maximum wattage. The fact that it is not modular made the assembly annoying, but hey, it was $20. I trust EVGA to make **** that won't blow up.

Network Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN727N 802.11b/g/n USB 2.0

I get terrible network connection in my room, but this adapter ensured that the connection was at least bearable if I had to update dropbox or download a song.

Monitor: Random Dell Monitor

I found this monitor in my basement and It works fine via VGA. Again, I'm not gaming much on this PC.

Storage: Spare SSD (850 Pro 250gb)

I had this spare Samsung 850 Pro 250gb in my HP Pavilion. I had copied the data from the laptop's original HDD and put it on the 850 Pro, but I stopped using the laptop. I simply took the SSD out of the laptop and put it into the Box of Stuff.

OS: Windows 8.1

It was free for me because the SSD already had a copy of Windows 8.1 on it.

Optical Drive: Random Asus Optical Drive

I included this in the machine because I downloaded some of the songs from a CD collection to iTunes.

Overall, for about 240 dollars, which is about a fourth of the price of a Mac, this computer runs amazingly. This budget build would be perfect for someone with 1) an extremely limited budget, 2) access to spare parts, 3) lack of space, or 4) anyone who isn't focused on gaming. If someone does want to be able to do some casual gaming, obviously, a 950 or 280 can be picked up for cheap, or if someone wanted to be able to play at a level just above an APU, a 710 sells for about $50 right now. I imagine this would be a great build for a college student because it is small, inexpensive, quiet, and practical.

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AMD CPUs work amazingly well for their price. The only reason to get a pentium over an AMD cpu would be to leave room for upgrades. For $70, a quad-core CPU with 3.1 GHz is an amazing deal to say the least.

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Nice Daily driver PC! +1

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Cool thing is that if i put in any gpu it would be a pretty bomb *** budget gaming pc

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+1 for name

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+1 for the TOTALLY LEGAL copy of windows... :P`

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