This is my current rig using most of the parts from my previous itx build, this is using the same processor and graphics card, with plans to upgrade to a 3700x and a 5700xt this fall. I'm using the corsair HYDRO X parts for everything except the CPU block, which is an EK velocity RGB block.

This is my first attempt at any kind of water cooling and I think it turned out well there are extra fittings from titan rig for the more complex runs. the cpu sits at around 55 C and the GPU at 67-70 C overall I'm very happy with the larger case, and when I upgrade the hardware it should be a more balanced system

I have redone one of the hardline runs and will add better pictures soon, the chromax fans are silent and i can't hear the computer run unless my ear is on the glass.

Part Reviews


Using this with a PBO and XFR gets me 4.25 max boost and 4.1 on CPU intensive games like Rainbow 6, otherwise, 6 cores is enough for gaming for me.


Im very happy with this motherboard, the temps are all good and its overclocks the cpu well with PBO and XFR, the vrm is overkill for a 6 core part, but will hopefully handle a 3700x. The bios isnt the best and the rgb software is not the best, but otherwise its a quality ATX motherboard


blazing-fast boot drive and holds some games, couldn't be happier


ive had this as a game drive for 3 years, no problems so far, the hybrid stuff doesnt do anything for me now that i have a boot ssd

Video Card

This is a quiet card and pushes 1440p at 60fps easy, and 100 fps with setting tweaks, my card was a silicon dud but im happy with the sounds and stock performance.


my first TG case, looks incredible, i love the look and cable management, the build quality is there and it supports all the hardware i need it to. very happy with the extra space compared to my old ITX build

Power Supply

i have yet to hear the fan, the PSU is silent and has an eco mode, i hope this will last me many years as a reliable PSU

Case Fan

These are the best non-rgb fans on the market. the colored bumpers and performance make them an easy buy for me. they are silent, push a good amount of air and aren't brown, checks all of my boxes


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That looks so great!

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Amazing job done. I wouldn't be worried about your motherboard being able to handle a 3700x. It was after all designed to handle a 2700x, which has the same amount of cores. Only differences that you will most likely notice will be performance benefits, albeit a slight increase of temperatures along with that.
Just one question. How did you find the process of using corsair hydro X series? Was the heat gun included, or did you already have one lying around?

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Thanks, this was my first time with anything hardline or custom it was a lot of work and I don't have a basis to compare, the corsair stuff was easy to use, the pump mounted well and the fittings and rads seemed to work well, my only hiccup was that they did not include enough washers, I wanted to be sure I didn't damage my rad when I screwed it in so I bought some washers which seemed to help.

The fittings were easy to put on and felt snug on the pipes as well as the rad and pump, the rad and pump were very clean, I ran sys prep through and didn't get anything beyond a couple of super tiny flakes when I drained it, they worked just fine with the extra titan rig fittings and the EK water block.

I did 2 sets of tubes, one acrylic, and one PETG, the acrylic looks better and can be bent tighter and wasn't much harder to bend than the PETG I bought a cheap heat gun on amazon for 25 bucks and that worked just fine, I had a hacksaw and sandpaper lying around to cut and deburr the pipes. and just used the table edge to make the 90 degree bends. overall it was a pretty straight forward process and the hyrdo x didn't give me any issues, the RGB works with my existing corsair stuff, but I haven't hooked up the temp probe as i dont have the commander pro