In process...

The cooler and RAM fit...

2/6/18 ---Well, so far it all fits. I have ordered PSU cables from ModOne, and then I will hopefully take care of the current cable mess.

I moved in the middle of this build so I am nowhere near done with tweaking this setup. It has Win 10 64bit Pro on it. Currently, I am just letting it run and keeping an eye on temps. The Rajintek CPU cooler keeps it at 45C when the RAM is clocked at 2133, and 50C when I push the RAM to 2933. Seems stable. I am not a gamer, but I would gues the Rajintek would not be a adequate cooling solution for this case/setup. But, it has plenty of room for a 240AIO up top. I might change to that...or not.

I will post a final update later when I get this thing all sorted it out, and at home in it's new home.

Comments/questions welcome.

BTW...that GPU is actually 2.2 slots...not 2. It's a big beautiful beast.

2/15/18 Kept getting Kernel 41 (63) errors Did almost everything I could find in Google for this, but it's come down to MB or GPU. RMA time. Damn. :(

3/14/18, I RMA’d the MB & GPU. Newegg replaced the MB, and the GPU will be refunded...someday. Got the whole business back together, and....f-n same error. Guess who is the bad seed? The CPU. I RMA’d the CPU, and just got an email notification saying it “passed”. Which, according to the CS rep, means it is a bad processor and they are sending me a new one. <sigh>

I should have went Intel like all my other builds. What a PITA.

3-26-18 This build is 90% complete. All parts are up and running together with no issues since the Great RMA Migration

I did opt for a Corsair SFX over the Silverstone.

Suggestions: If you are on the fence about a Ryzen or Coffee Lake....go with Intel. Use the latest version of Windows you can as this solved some lingering issues for me. (Win 10 64 RS4) creators pre-release edition)

Part Reviews


Put my build together, and ended up with Watchdog kernel 41 error. Yea. testing & changing....testing & changing MB and GPU obligatory RMA Rebuild

Same error Ruh roh...turns out Ryzen chips can have an issue such as this. I've done nothing but Intel builds since 1999, and never had a bad CPU.

Newegg won't let you RMA a CPU. AMD doesn't crosship or give you your money back.

Moral of the story: Don't buy CPU's from Newegg Don't build computers with AMD chips

3-30-18 Bench marking says slow compared to other CPU's. Apologies to coffee lake for passing it up.

CPU Cooler

Looks nice. Keeps CPU around 40-55C depending on what you're doing. Note: I am not a gamer.

3-30-18 Kind of impressed with this cooler.


Everything works. Took a star off for the stupid placement of the audio connector.


Fast. Worked with no issues.

Video Card

Beautiful card. Hard to say how well it does since my bas Ryzen CPU kept throwing kernel errors while I was bench testing this. Took a star off for the not quite honest: 2 slot GPU stat. This monster is 2.2 slots.

3-30-18 Added some bench marking. It looks like the temp stay good while stress testing. However, it looks as though it's not the fastest GPU in the bunch.


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I like the build! Great job. Not many blue themes left around, just a few of us. I'm sympathetic to the RX 580 size, I've got the ASUS ROG version. And I agree with your Intel comment. I want to try AMD sooooo bad... but... you know. How is the CPU cooler holding up? I'm rebuilding a PC (not for gaming) with an i7-2600 and I'm looking for a good cheap cooler. Thanks!

  • 22 months ago
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The CPU cooler is holding up just fine. It's just gone through some benchmarking, and no issues. However, not sure it would be ok with hard core gaming.

The CPU benchmarks are crappy. Not because of any inherent problem with the chip (this time), it's just slow compared to the Intel I7 8700. I now have chip remorse. If I had to do it all again, I would go with Intel CPU and a 1070 GPU based on performance (and general AMD PITA issues on this build).

I've had a blue thing lately, and I've always loved silver. I'm glad you like the color.


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I gotcha. Well, the Ryzen 5 1600 is comparable to an i5-6600 so you'll never see i7 performance. I'm just rebuilding an old HP PC and stripping the i7-2600 out of it so I'm glad to hear this cooler should be fine.

I won't be using it for gaming. I'll probably give it to my wife for her office. Thanks for the reply! I upgraded about 2.5 years ago and got an i5-6600k/RX 580.

But if I were upgrading today, I'd still get an i5-8600k over a new Ryzen 2xxx series. If you've got the budget and you do lots of gaming, you can't beat Intel.

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4x8 or 8x8 for the cpu power do u have to use all 8 pins ?

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Use all 8 pins

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Have you got the GPU working? I'm planning on using it since I ditched ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte for joining GPP. I changed my build around to match the blue colour scheme, wanted to know how quiet it is and what sort of numbers it throws up with it's factory overclocks

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Yes..everything is working now. It was actually a bad CPU causing the problems. It's a beautiful card. It doesn't benchmark all that well compared to other cards. However, I'm running it native, and I am not a gamer <shrugs>

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Cool, thanks!

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somewhat perplexing, what is that particular gpu doing if it's not for games, is it opencl or rendering? i've heard that the colored fans turn green due to the heat affecting the LEDs

it was never supposed to be the fastest gpu, but whatever passmark(?) is measuring is something made up, it should be 4-6x better than 5770 & a lot closer to 980 for gaming workloads, for compute it could be very different depending on the data or algorithm (possibly surpassing 980 in specific cases)

early batches of first gen ryzen have been known to have a fault during certain compute workloads, news & replacements was around june 2017, the official statement is that there is a manufacturing revision & replacements... somehow you must have still found such stock half a year later i guess

the passmark(?) cpu numbers are completely false, 1600 worse than 8150 is impossible, i should find out what the heck it's trying to measure

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Hi- Mainly I wanted the GPU for the color scheme. However, I do like using it with FlowJo (science program) and other graphics programs. As far as the benchmark testing, I just downloaded the freeware to check it against other numbers. And really, I don't have the interest to learn the ins and outs of the bench-marking process. I build a new computer when it is apparent my old build is ready to retire. Hell, I'm actually typing this on my 2009 build (it takes me awhile to transfer myself to new builds for some reason). If you have a suggestion for how to benchmark this computer, I would be interested in doing it. At this point, it is performing flawlessly and I am basically happy with it. Thanks for your comment. Kim

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i have a 2008 (except for replacing gpu) that still gets use out of it, old parts can definitely be viable as long as they're performant, mine is overclocked quadcore intel, high end in its day

certainly dont think basic benchmarks should be payware, just got frustrated/irritated at the strange numbers the particular software was measuring, it's like the maker doesnt know what it's doing & the result is end users end up with noisy useless information

anyway, the main thing that stood out is an expensive gfx card that wont get much use, i simply like to focus on balanced systems that fit the user along with value per dollar

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