Built mainly as a machine to play around with game dev stuff: unity, blender, etc. Ended up pleasantly surprised with how much benefit RTX brought when baking lights in unity using Bakery Lightmapper.

Used MLC Phoenix to cool the gpu, with fans/pump at ~40% the gpu tops at 70C, while i usually try to keep it at ~60 for better clocks. In hindsight - should've grabbed the 360 rad.

In the end:

  • Really pleased with the RS 185 headphones, using them with Antlion ModMic Wireless for no-compromise wireless setup
  • The case turned out to be just bigh enough for the MLC Phoenix to be fit comfortably (it's a really thic part)
  • be quiet! Silent Loop 240 sometimes gets "stuck" and i have to power-cycle the pc for it to start working, considering replacing it
  • The final build isn't such a rainbow, but due to its positioning (for vr cables) - the window gets covered by the second monitor on an arm

Note to self: EKWB Vector Strix waterblock has non-addressable LEDs, which didn't work with my ROG Terminal. Ordered a cheapo sata-powered controller to have the waterblock light up.


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Updated :) Sorry about that, was swapping the wrong ram and somehow didn't add the correct one

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You're the only build I've seen so far that has a H700 with a top-mounted radiator and fan parallel with the motherboard. If you don't mind some questions, I'm curious how much clearance you have there? Like a rough estimate, if possible, of the distance between the rad or fans and the back of the case(the plate that the standoffs screw into. Not sure what to call it. lol). Is that even clearing the RAM? How tight of a fit is that? Would/does the radiator clear it too? I apologize for the onslaught of questions. Really interested in water cooling in the H700(or probably H710 by the time I do so), and this is the first build I've seen that made top-mounting look possible for thicker radiators.


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Hey. Sorry, i guess pcpartpicker doesnt send emails on comments (?), or i just missed it. Will answer just in case someone will stumble across this post.

Q: I'm curious how much clearance you have there?

A: Not much clearance tbh, with the AiO in such position (below the top bracket) i'm barely fitting above the RAM. Basically if i had a thicker rad - it would only fit with the fans on top with my memory, but due to my setup (not being able to really do top exhaust) - i could only mount under the bracket. Using ram without any big heat spreaders would probably help (but even LPX might be too much).

Q: the distance between the rad or fans and the back of the case? Is that even clearing the RAM?

A: No, it doesnt with my current ram. The only real safe way is to fit above the ram slots, and this is one of the cases that have a lot of clearance above the mobo which is why i was even able to fit all of my stuff in there at all.

Basically a perfect setup would be: front intake with any rad you want, or no rad, just fans (really ,there is a ton of space there), and a top exhaust with the rad mounted below the top bracket thing and the fans on the other side. Since the compartment on top would only fit the slimmer rads, like EK SE series. if you want a PE/CE - it will have to go below the bracket with fans on top, and it should still make it above the ram, so it won't interfere with it at all.

Generally I would say H700 is a very comfortable case to build in. Especially with a bizzare setup like i had - with basically 2 AiOs. One of which is extra thic.

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No problem. It apparently does not send emails on comments as I just saw your reply now. lol. Thanks for answering. I'm actually trying to squeeze in an EK XE. A 60mm rad. lol. From the sounds of things, up top I can maybe do the rad + push or pull, but not both. Which isn't great for thicc rads. It's looking like my choices for cases are very limited if I don't want to buy a new rad(s), and don't want to use it as intake. Probably just going to have to do one.

Thank you very much.