This is my first build and I built this without an intimate knowledge of CPUs so bear with me on this one. That being said, it performs very well and it's a pretty kickin' low budget PC, although I've yet to try any AAA games on it.

Part Reviews


It works very well in my system. Plays nice with games, I'm assuming because of the hyperthreading. I kinda want to upgrade eventually, but this one with definitely tide me over for a while.


I had reviewed it well in the past but it didn't even last me a year. Just gave up one day.


It's good memory. Don't remember why I bought this one specifically.


Awesome SSD for a great price when I built Deep Thought. Does everything an SSD promises.


I have not encountered any problems with my hard drive after 6 months of continuous use. It's a keeper.

Video Card

Boy oh boy. This card is plucky. It runs quietly under normal load and makes my games look pretty. I definitely recommend this card if you are on a budget but want nice graphics.


I really should have slept on this decision. It's not an unflattering case, but it's not wholly beautiful either. It's really what you get for a cheap case.

Power Supply

I'll probably need to do nicer cable management, but this PSU makes that easier, being semi-modular. Thumbs up in this department.

Optical Drive

Very nice. It reads nicely and has a blue light.

Wireless Network Adapter

The best internet connection I have ever gotten from any of my computers I've owned. (Barring a direct connection. I am too far away from my router, so this makes it bearable until my setup changes)


I can't be without my tenkeys and this one is a beautiful keyboard with adjustable blue lighting. (RGB is a bit overrated. Please don't hate.)


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