Started life as a budget build, kept things simple and straightforward. At least until words like "overclocking" and "crossfire/sli" entered my vocabulary, so it was time to teardown and rebuild.

Started with MSi 870 FUZION power edition (very cool idea, multiple GPUs in tandem without the need for them to match and no need for a bridge, too bad the technology was abandoned) now with the ASUS Sabretooth 990FX.

Swapped out 2 Sapphire 7770s for 2 4gb Gigabyte GTX770 in SLi

Beefed up PSU, dropped in the SSD. CPU and RAM seem to keep up just fine and with the addition of the COrsair waterblock I can push that old 965be to a stable 5ghz. Though Im thinking of dropping in an FX8590 and some faster ram.

So far every game Ive installed has recommended "Ultra High" settings. "Well OF COURSE it does" I always say out loud.

My first battlestation has yet to let me down. At LAN parties Im always the one waiting for everyone else to load the maps or join the servers, reboots in under 15 seconds, temps stay nice and solid. Though shes showing her age finally and instead of re-reupgrading Ive decided to build a new gaming monolith as well as defect to the blue team (sorry AMD, Ill always love you).

Pictures 5, 6, and seven were taken before I gutted it. Picture 5 and 6 were taken the day she was born.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Cinch to install. Manages temps well enough. The threads on the screws are rather fragile and are really easy to strip. Also, their software sucks. You're better than this Corsair.

C- (See me after class)


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Do you have plains of upgrading the cpu

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Not as of yet. If I decide to do any upgrades, it will be to the AMD FX-8350BE as well as some more up to date RAM. For now shes still a framerate destroying beast =)