Hello! Thanks for taking the time to check out my build!

This is actually my first real build though I have helped out with a few others and do have experience swapping parts in old junker computers. I set out to build something rather capable of serving my current needs, as well as one in the future. I mostly do gaming and photo/video editing and I figured that this machine could handle it nicely.

CPU: Went for the i7 for the "future-proofing" hope that newer games and programs will continue the current trend of starting to utilize hyperthreading.

CPU Cooler: I liked the "compact" design this unit has rather than a large fan. Might cost a bit more, but I think the red glow from the Corsair logo and extra cool temps are worth it. I don't , however, like the wiring rats nest this thing makes that is too hard to hide. One day I'll have time off work to finish up hiding cables. I have since changed the color of the Corsair logo to red just for anyone it bothers.

Motherboard: Got it bundled with the CPU AND on sale as an open box. My only gripe was that the Micro Center website said it was complete but it did end up coming minus it's I/O shield. eBay solved that problem quickly however. The colors of this board really make me sad, but I am a function over form person so in the end I am happy I saved money here. I am pretty sad I spent it to make the rest of the system nice though. Maybe someday I'll switch boards and spray the I/O shield black to match the case.

Memory: It was on sale and I could pick it up the same day as 75% of my other parts at Micro Center. I'm a very impatient person sometimes.

Storage: Went with the standard SSD/HDD configuration putting the OS and key programs/games on the SSD and mass storage on the HDD. Both were on sale.

Video Card: Was on sale and if you count that I got Watch Dogs for free, that should add to the value too, right?

Case: I wanted something that I could easily carry on trips to my friend's house for LAN parties and I really liked the amount of airflow this case has.

Power Supply: I figure 750W should be able to handle my current build and any future upgrades.

Operating System: Got it for free with an old college DreamSpark account. Chose to go with Windows 7 over Windows 8 because of the lack of support some programs I use have. I'm sure I could have gotten along just fine but I already know Windows 7 pretty well and didn't want the hassle of getting Windows 8 setup like I want and the programs running in the background to do it.

Monitor: It was cheap, had a 1ms response time which sounded cool, and it had a rebate.

Case Fans: They glow red and came in twin packs.

Keyboard: I wasn't sure that I wanted to spend the money on a keyboard but I am sure glad I did. I love it. Even now as I type I can't help but enjoy the noise the keys make.

Mouse: I like this mouse too. It is a nice size for my small hands and the buttons on the side work well for photoshop and the only game genre I play, MMORPGs. I changed the color to red to match the rest of build.

Headphones: I wanted to go with nicer headphones and just use a desktop microphone but I got impatient and these looked pretty nice. They sound good and I love the adjustments being on the headphones their selves and not on the cable.

Other: This is just the other stuff I needed to make it all work.

I am a little sad that the day after I purchased everything the prices were down a bit, but hey... that's just the way it is I suppose!

There will be future updates once I get a bit more time to take better pictures and run a few benchmark tests. Until then, have a nice day!

UPDATE: 09/02/2016

This system has performed pretty much flawlessly. Today I added another 8GB of RAM from Amazon for 37.99 for no real reason. I also swapped the fans airflow directions. The top radiator fans are now intake fans and the side fans are exhaust fans. I've made this update mostly for my own benefit but if you are still reading this log so far after the build, cool!

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  • 70 months ago
  • 1 point

Great build. I like the fan at the bottom. There are a lot of fans though. Is it loud at all? +1

  • 70 months ago
  • 1 point

It isn't too bad at idle, but full speed it can get a bit noisy. Luckily the headset blocks it out and the microphone doesn't seem to pick up the noise. Also, yes, I did eventually realize that the rear fan was in backwards and turned it the correct way, haha.

  • 70 months ago
  • 1 point

dem badass close ups tho what camera did u use for those amazing close ups? +1

  • 70 months ago
  • 1 point

really liking this

  • 70 months ago
  • 1 point

yes you could have shaved here and there and maybe pushed to a 780ti but really, small beans solid build and i do think multi threading will become more common

  • 69 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build! I love that case. I've got a very similar build myself. +1

  • 68 months ago
  • 1 point

niice stuf! but why dont wait for 4790k?