This is my first build! I had no choice but to upgrade, since my current desktop (well, ex now I guess) was purchased in 2007, was still running Vista (Windows Update stopped working last year!) and was chugging along in a basic game like TF2!

I based my parts first on PC builders like CyberPowerPC, on reviews on here, and prices for products I felt weren't strategically important. I bought virtually all my parts from DirectCanada. They had the best prices by far. Service was slow/mediocre, but in the end I was satisfied. It's as if it's only one guy running the site! For the GPU, I was originally planning on getting an RX 480, but in the end I ordered from Amazon, which had a ridiculously and temporarily low price (only a day or so) on the GTX 1060 6GB. The case I bought from Canada Computers. In total, I paid about CAD 1,400 (including taxes, shipping, and other misc fees).

Took a few days to put everything together (I was being meticulous). My main issue was breadboxing my mobo: it wouldn't boot to BIOS, and I messed around for several hours. All I had to do was reset CMOS, and that did the trick. The only other minor issue was the SATA power cables: they weren't long enough to connect my ODD, HDD, and SDD. All I did was move my SDD one slot.

How did I do?

Part Reviews


Haven't overclocked it. Not even needed for the power it gives.

CPU Cooler

A bit tricky to put together -- the instructions were complete BS. Some parts slightly dented from shipping.


Some USB ports don't work well or don't work at all. Difficult to tell if it's a software issue or MOBO issue.


Comes in at 74.4% on UserBenchmark.


Comes in at 108% on UserBenchmark.


Had one defective case fan (required a push to start). Corsair sent in a new one no hassle.

Power Supply

Works just fine for a gaming build. Forget the negative reviews.

Operating System

I only bought this because MS rules the great universe of OS.


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nice choice in parts looks like a solid gaming pc to me

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I guess this was around £1000? It's a solid PC for sure but personally I would have gone with a custom RX 480 over the 1060, as I think it's far better value for money. Maybe a M.2 ssd instead of a SATA one as well... but apart from that it's nice. I've built something similar