So this case has been with me for forever! It started off as the home to my file server back when it was a lowly amd a6 apu build. Then the case found a new life as a torture chamber for my first g3258 build where I basically learned how to overclock and found the limits of the g3258. After that my wife wanted a gaming PC so what you see here is the remnants of her gaming pc. Her PC was originally a g3258 (not the one i fried LOL)with this mobo, and an r7 265x. She liked it for a while but started getting into editing go pro videos so i bumped her up to the i3 and a gtx 760. Well I upgraded to a coffee lake this year and rather than take a bath on my kaby lake stuff i just gave it to her (ill post the build later).

This all started when I looked over to the computer just sitting in my office gathering dust and thought to myself, this computer is still a decent gaming rig, why don't I give her a good cleaning, repaste the cpu and gpu and give it a viking funeral by selling it on Craigslist for dirt cheap in an effort to help the unfortunate ascend into the PC Master Race. So one thing lead to another and Here is the Result. The I7 i got lucky on an auction on ebay and was able to snag the i7 and the 16 GB of Ram for $206, everything else has been on the computer already for a few years.

Surprisingly this Combo plays alot of todays games at 1080p medium 60 fps, obviously the 2gb vram and the 760 are holding it back but for now its a nice way to get slightly better than PS4 graphics while we weather out the Cryptomining storm. Yeah I know that its cheaped out but this was always a budget oriented build, and yes the inland PSU is a timebomb but its held on for 4 years now like this (sans the i7).

Part Reviews


In 2018 this processor is still a valid choice for gaming, for 50% of the cost of a skylake or kaby lake processor you are only missing about much value. Plus its a great CPU to upgrade to from those g3258 or i3 builds to extend the longevity of your system


Barebones AF but it gets the job done, this MOBO has lasted me for 4 years no problems

Video Card

In 2018 this GPU has the graphics power of a gtx 1050, if you can pick these up for about $75 or under they are pretty sweet only problem is they do require a psu that has a six pin and eight pin. It still plays most modern games at 1080p 60 fps on a mix of medium/high settings (more towards medium on new games)


Back in the day this case was was cheap (yes thats how much i paid for it NEW) had a ton of room for activities and IMO doesnt look half bad! Today though it is ugly by new case standards...REAL PC's HAVE EXTERNAL 5.25 OPTICAL DRIVES!!...sorry for the rant there..

Fan Controller

for what it is and what it does its very expensive, but it does compliment the case very nice.

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  • 24 months ago
  • 3 points

correct me if i'm wrong, but don't viking funerals usually involve burning ships? I want to see more

  • 24 months ago
  • 1 point

Where's the fire? I was hoping to see the burning of the case by the end of the photos.

Plus1 though ;)

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

3/10 no fire