I have been using PCPartPicker for awhile now and it has helped me tremendously, along with seeing some of the builds and comments that people have posted, I thought it would only be fair for me to post mine as well in hopes that it helps someone else. In any way possible.

So I am new to building computers, and this was a project long awaited by me. I am not finished as it will be liquid cooled down the road. Need to learn a bit more as I will not be doing any AIO coolers, I'm jumping right into the custom setup, but need to learn a bit more before doing that just yet.

I am a casual gamer and of course browsing youtube and other places to learn what I can, and hopefully a few tricks along the way.

The parts list on the left does not actually reflect my price as I won the graphics card, and the M.2 250GB was from a previous computer. As well as I have been watching for sales and grabbing things when they were on the cheaper end. To include the A-RGB strips on the top, front, and bottom inside the glass is from Phanteks and was not available for me to add to the list.

The Monitors, keyboard, mouse, powerplay mat, and headset were all purchased throughout the summer while each piece was on sale.

So I am trying to learn about the benchmark tests and will add them to this once I have completed them.

Part Reviews


I have always used intel just my preference, as I am not heavy into gaming so wanted a more all around computer

CPU Cooler

So easy to put onto the cpu and whisper quiet, I love it


Have loved Asus for many years had a Asus laptop many years ago (when they first started entering the pc scene) As well as when doing reviews nothing but good things came up in quality and customer support for them.

I know currently I'm not using the liquid cooling block , its coming soon. Need to learn a bit more and then get all the supplies. Even some extra tubing so I can practice the cuts and bends, don't worry this rig will be liquid cooled.


What can I say its G.Skill , I prefer the subtle RGB like this ram has, hence the Phanteks RGB neon strips as well to try to mach as best as possible


Wow , yea its a Samsung but these M.2 drives make this thing run so much faster and smoother This is where I have my Windows 10 Pro on and is my boot drive, along with anything else like video player, etc.


its Samsung, quality and dependability


Again, its Samsung, quality and dependability


Same as the previous M.2 just has more space, this is where all my games will be going. Wow , yea its a Samsung but these M.2 drives make this thing run so much faster and smoother

Video Card

Ok so this is the graphics card that I won, and I am so glad that I did. I have had Gigabyte/Geforce cards before, so I knew they were good from firsthand experience. (my oild one was a Gigabyte windforce 960) ...yep thats right its old.

Love the way this card looks when its running , and oh so quiet. I love it The graphics on my games now is awesome , didn't know that some of the games had so much texture, until I got this card running and started playing the games on it, Wow is all I can say , I am loving the graphics this thing puts out.


So, Originally was not going to get this case (mainly because of the price) but I was fortunate and won my graphics card in a contest so that opened the door for me to get the case. It is big and roomy (also very heavy even empty at about 51 lbs). as I stated in the description I will be doing liquid cooling in the near future so I wanted that extra space, so that I would not be limited by the case, and have the freedom to do whatever my mind comes up with. It was really easy to put the pc together, and even taking the case apart was pretty straight forward, hence why I painted the silver plastic parts. I do plan on setting up the layout differently, after I get some parts that I ordered all delivered, and am ready for that liquid cooling setup. I'll post more pics when that is done. I am not an expert at all the cases out there, I have only had experience with 2 other cases the NZXT, Phantom, and the Cougar, Panzar Max. I loved the Panzar Max, but this case in comparison is so much better (in my opinion)

Power Supply

I have always used Thermaltake products before was just fans, but went with them for the psu, as its a trusted company. I only needed about 450 watts according to the website, but as I have stated more plans for this build down the road and wanted some head room for that as well

Operating System

It is what it is, Windows

Case Fan

again with these things push a lot of air which is great on the cpu cooler , and quiet, had to look to make sure it was actually running. LOL

Case Fan

Love these fans, came across Cougar fans some years ago, so I already knew the brand and trusted them( and so much cheaper then Corsair fans). love the colors and the ability with the remote or tie into the motherboard for the RGB just gives me more options. If you get these and the remote does not work , try replacing the battery in the remote and if not that use there website it has instructions on how to sync the remote to the control box, luckily mine was just a battery(which I had lying around anyways).


I love these screens, of course was running like 10 year old HP screens prior to these, but I do love these th picture is awesome, and I love the slight curve. I think that curve gives a bit of an immersive feel to the game.


I have been using Logitech for many years, nothing on this caliber though, when I first started uszing this keyboard I was like Whoa!! Is this what a gaming keyboard is? It was like night and day compared to what I had used before, and I am never going been using the keyboard for about 5-6 months


Wow, same as the keyboard I will never be going back to a regular mouse compared to this. I love the dpi switch, and this thing moves so smoothly , the weight is good and the shape is perfect for my hands , comes with additional buttons so if your a lefty this is good for you. simplistic design yet powerful. I love the fact that you can use it wired or wireless, again more options and makes it easy I also bought the powerplay mat with this so I have mine set up as wireless as the mat charges the mouse. I have heard that wireless mice have a slow down to respond to the action in the game, I honestly havent noticed any slow down at all. been using the mouse about 5-6 months


Yea I know , Logitech again, what can I say they make good products. The customer service I have had from the company is awesome as well. I was trying to find someone selling the side magnetic covers as I wanted to get another set so I could modify mine, and I couldn't find them anywhere for sale. I contacted Logitech and to my surprise they informed me that they are not sold separately. But wait for it, ....In the mail not even a week later, Logitech had sent me a set of the magnetic covers and a spare battery as well ....For, how many companies do stuff like that!!

These fit my head great, I have a larger head and a lot of headsets out there are just too small! They sound great, I don't get sweaty with them on , even for hours. Just very good and comfortable! been using these for about 5-6 months as well


Ok , yea Logitech again, bought this on sale as well. These speakers have a lot of sound, Wow do they blast. I will never have a problem with not hearing my game or music again, that is for sure. Comes with 5 speakers and a sub. I am only using 3 speakers and the sub, they still kick a lot of sound. Originally bought these to test them out and was going to move them to my living room tv for the better sound and surround sound. Yea that was the original plan, they are still at my computer, and they are staying. The tv will have to wait for another set or something else. ...LOL

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So all I ask is try not to be to hard on me, I am relatively new to building. I have changed out a drive or graphics card here or there but that's about it. Anyways I hope this post will help someone as the many posts and reviews that I have looked at and read have helped me a ton. Thank you to the community for all that you have inspired me and taught me!

  • 4 months ago
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That Gigabyte 2080 is the greatest thing I have ever laid my eyes on I have one myself. Love the build man!

  • 4 months ago
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Thank you, I really appreciate it!