This is my first desktop build. Since 1/2016 I've been using a Alienware 13 r2 and have been wanting to upgrade for about a year now. I had been researching since September and finally pulled the trigger and bought the parts after getting some giftcards for Christmas, which helped offset the price.

Edit 1/21/20 - So far so good. I've played Overwatch, Apex Legend and HOI4 - Mod Kaiseriech. The only problem has been Kaiseriech has crashed the the computer a couple of times, but from the forums that seems to be normal for the game.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Does its job, quiet and keeps my cpu cool.


The wifi receiver is outstanding.


Super fast start up. Loading windows was kind of a pain for some reason. besides that its a superfast ssd for the price.


Beautiful case and easy to work in. the Plate glass is locked in place by 4 hand screws but is held in place by rubber gaskets so when you remove the screws the glass doesn't fall off the case.

Power Supply

Keeping up with demand and quiet

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  • 2 months ago
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Looks clean, great job