This is my first build. This is a gaming rig built for a great overclock. So, I put a $1500 budget up, and this is what I came up with. (To be honest, I went out drinking during the design and spent a little too much, so I dropped it to $1400) Also, something worth noting is that I didn't need to buy peripherals because I already owned them from my last computer. So if something isn't talked about, it was either previously owned, or purchased later and added to the build.

CPU - I went with the i5 4670k for the overclocking capabilities. In hindsight, I do multitask quite a bit so I might have been better off with the i7.

Cooler - The H100i has great reviews and since it was my first build, I didnt want to custom design a water cooling system. The already filled unit that requires no changing was ideal for my lack of experience. Also, the CorsairLink software to monitor and control the temperature is great and convenient!

Mobo - The Asus Maximus VI Hero is a great grab. It is the introductory board into the Republic of Gamers series of motherboards, which are a pristine line of boards. I wont go through the very long list of features, but I will say that its readiness for overclocking was what I was after.

Memory - I decided to go with 16GB of memory and here's why. Since using 2 sticks of RAM is optimal, I didnt want to get capped at 16GB of RAM with 2x 8GB sticks. I wanted to allow the opportunity to put 32 GB of RAM someday. Went with red to match the motherboard.

Storage - I went with the M500 120g because of budget restrictions (Spending money wrecklessly from drinking is the cause of this inconvenience.)

Video Card - I'm running a GeForce GTX 760 Dual Superclock edition with ACX Cooling because of the performance compared to the GTX 660, which was the original choice.

Case - The Raidmax Vampire was originally going to come in white, but I decided to go with black to match the RoG motherboard. It's a great case, it looks fantastic, and I also planned on adding a front bay fan control sometime in the future. So, I wanted the extra bays for the expansion(s). It is really a great looking case, but as we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Power Supply - The RM line of PSUs from Corsair are their fully modifiable models, which is what I was after. It can also be used with the CorsairLink software.

OS - Windows 8.1 for the cleanliness and its efficiency in using resources while running games and programs. I'll be getting a touchscreen monitor to really unlock it's full potential sometime in the future.

Case Fans - I went with the red fans to match my black/red build because the case fans that came with the vampire were blue.


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I like it... drinking and buying anything can be a very dangerous combination, trust me I know.

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Where did you get the keyboard?

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It was from a flash deal on Newegg

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the mad catz strike 7 acts like your keyboard