Firstly the title stands for No Interesting Name Associated as couldn't think of anything to call it and started thinking of abbreviations which this was the best of lol. I'll warn you now I have a tendency to get carried away writing things like this so may go on a bit so if you just look at the pics I don't blame you :-p


This is my first build and I have to thank the people on this site as learned a lot from simply reading other people's build logs and forum posts. As this was my first I decided from the get go that I wanted a ROG motherboard for no other reason then I always followed Asus and Asus ROG UK on Facebook and seeing constant pictures of how nice they were I had to have one! You've probably looked at the pics and thought errr....there's only a picture of the box with all other boxes and I have an MSI Gaming 7 board in my build, well I'll get onto that in the choice descriptions. Most of my purchases were done off the back of ordering by user rating, seeing what I liked the look of, checking it was in my budget and then looking at other people's builds for feedback on the items. I think I've done quite well all in all even though I could've easily saved money on certain parts but this was about future proofing in places and liking what I was buying which I certainly do. My PC is going to be used for playing Watchdogs (only game I've got so far), surfing the net and watching movies mainly so yes it's probably overkill for now but I'm happy as can see myself getting into gaming now I have a machine capable. So on to the part choices.


Unfortunately upon first boot up with the Hero board it just failed to do anything other than give a 00 error with no POST. I sent it back to the retailer who then recovered it to a working condition and sent it back as working, this meant I lost my shipping due to it working for them but I let that go. When I got it back I fitted everything exactly the same way making sure to be extra careful and got exactly the same problem! I contacted them again (on the weekend) explaining everything and got one guy tell me I must be doing something wrong but had a follow up phone call on the Monday from the guy I'd originally been dealing with who offered me a deal to swap the board out for the Z97 MSI Gaming 7 so that they could rule out if it was an issue with the board or something else and this way changing manufacturer they could say they'd tried everything possible. Lucky for me it was the same price as the Hero which was on offer at the time I bought it so no money had to change hands. It matched my red and black colour scheme I wanted so I agreed and all was good, they shipped it out next day and I got on with trying again with success. I now had a working board and could continue with the rest :-) Sorry for that long section!


Was originally looking at the i7-4770k but after lots of reading up it just didn't seem worthwhile for my varied use as wasn't doing any real intensive tasks and everyone sung the praises of the i5 I was happy to go.


No offence to anyone using air coolers but I couldn't stand the bulkiness of them especially when on show so knew straight away one of Corsair's H series was going on my list and the H100i got the best reviews I could see so it was the one for me. Yes this is completely an aesthetic thing ;-) but I needed to like what I was putting in and kept things in or around my budget of £1k. It does seem however I have one of the ones with noise issues as when my fans are connected up to the y splitter cables it makes an annoying whirring (think that's a good description) noise unless the fans are run below 12-1300 rpm which mine now are on the rad. This still keeps the CPU at 26 - 29 degrees according to Link and Real Temp which agree with each other while idling, on the net or listening to spotify.


Looked nice enough, was on top of the list when ordered by ratings and snapped it up when the price came down for a day so thought why not.


SSD had to be on there after my research into them as heard how much quicker they are for OS and key programmes so seemed a no brainer. The Evo was probably the most talked about I could see within the comments of builds I looked through so thought it had to be good and you all weren't wrong! The PC actually boots quicker than it takes me to turn on my TV after it does its warm up of flashing LED for a few seconds so blown away and overjoyed with my choice of the SSD. The storage HDD just seemed like a good buy and middle of the road in the WD collection so went with it.


Was originally going for a 760 or 270x but after asking for some advice on a similar list of parts in the forum someone said if I can stretch it'll definitely be worth getting a 770 so that's what I did and again extremely impressed with it. I opted for the Asus as didn't like the look of any of the MSI or others and when I bought it I originally had the Hero so thought it'd make a good pairing. Don't regret buying it still as it's so quiet and keeps pretty cool at around 30-31 degrees.


Was a no brainer as loved the Define R4 from the moment I saw it and went for the windowed version to give me the option of lighting it up later and making it look nice, not that I can currently see it where it is but hopefully in my next house it'll be better placed.


Seemed good value for money and from a good manufacturer so went with it. Bonus of getting the single braided cables was nice however they're quite bulky which caused me a few issues getting the cabling sorted but will be changing to individually braided cables when I find a decent full set at reasonable price in the UK. This is why my cabling behind the back panel hasn't been finalised and has a few cable/twist ties here and there for a temporary measure.


Use 8.1 at work so made sense as I'm used to it.

Case fan's:

Started off with the SP120's and they seem good enough however quite loud when on full blow so I've used the additional cables to lower them which has worked well. I still need to get 3 140mm replacements for my front intakes and exhaust but not decided yet as want some that are fairly quiet but good. Have been reading on Linus Tech Tips forum and there seems to be a lot of praise for Noise Blocker E-Loops so might look at them.

Cable management:

From the front view I don't think I've done too bad, but when I change to individually braided cables (not extensions) I'll re-do it all. The black cable going from bottom right to top middle is my front intake fan going to the y splitter as was just about long enough to reach that point but when I change cables I'll probably find a work around to make it neat. You'll notice (if it's clear in the pic) that my cable management for my set up isn't great either but couldn't be bothered sorting it out but will be revisiting that at some point too.

Upgrades to come:

I'd like a FreeSat TV card so can anyone recommend a good DVB-S2 card as I'd like to get rid of my set top box from my stand as it's really slow to start up and may as well get it all into my PC if I can. The extra fans mentioned earlier will probably be my next buy and then the NZXT Hue for lighting if I get round to it.

All but final few pics were taken with my old Nikon D50 while the last ones were taken with my Nexus 5 so hope they've come out ok. I hope I've managed an acceptable (by your standards) build but I'm very happy so far! Thanks for reading and looking!

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  • 68 months ago
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Nice job. Looks nice and neat.

  • 68 months ago
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Woah, first build that I have seen with really good cable management and a clean look overall. +1 from me!

  • 68 months ago
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Looks great!

  • 68 months ago
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Thanks all :-) How do I fix the GPU sag? As you can see it's dropping off towards the back.

Also any suggestions on the DVB-S2 TV card, extra 140mm fans and individual braided cables in the UK? Ta!