Almost done, not complete. Still need GPU/s, but so far it's cooking along like no one's business.

I haven't benched it, nor have I overclocked (probably won't).

Runs my 2 games PUBG and World Of Warships with no issues.

I use low settings on PUBG anyway (immersion isn't as big a deal as scoring).

Where I really notice the difference is in my Adobe software, as I'd expected. 32G ram will do that on SSD. Saving and opening huge files is lightning quick. No more smoke breaks because the machine is moving slow 👍

Render times without the planned GPU/s is tolerable.

I imagine the addition of the video cards will help the screen be a bit more snappy, BUT at this point they'll be icing on the cake.

Oh. Compiling. After it was assembled, I tested on a large project I downloaded for Intellij IDEA. New machine does it without thinking or breaking a sweat, roughly 95% faster.

I only listed the GPU/s because they will be added to the machine, but at this point I feel like they'll only add a fractional boost to performance. Sorry, gamers. I'll definitely try for 200+ fps for the sake of trying, but that's not the primary goal in mind.

Oh. Finally.

Except for the fancy lights (smooth pulsing cyan) on the mobo, you can't even tell it's on. Quiet as a mouse even when running renders or severely processed audio tracking sessions.

The case is almost big enough to hide a kindergartner.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Haven't heard it yet 😁


Barely fits under my desk, and I've got ample room to grow for years to come. Sturdy. Heavy.

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