Why I bought a new system. Previously had a i7-2600 Setup, and I only had 2x8GB of ram, a crappy MOBO, and a really loud cooler. I could ugprade all, but I would need a new MOBO and I can't find a sandy bridge MOBO in the south of france as the second hand electronics market is pretty trash... So when I went to China to visit family I bought a new CPU, Mobo, and Ram.

Prices and reviews

So some of the prices I can't really list as I bought them a really long time ago in India but the more recent purchases will be listed

Processor + Motherboard: CPU+MOBO was bought together for ¥1989 ( 251€, $285 )

I'm really happy with the CPU, it frequently hits 4.1 GHz on 1-2 cores on the stock cooler! And I got such a good deal I can't even be mad I bought the B450 Tomahawk as I saw Hardware Unboxed's video review on B450 boards, a ROG Strix board was actually cheaper but the review really got me biased towards the Tomahawk. Which I also got for a great price.

Memory: RAM was bought for ¥1589 ( 201€, $228 )

So I really wanted Samsung B-Die and RGB Ram so I had no choice. + The price I got on it is way better than anything I would've gotten in Europe. + It's stunning but the software is kinda dissapointing...

Storage: Storage was bought in India and I can't remember the price at all

The Kingston HyperX Fury SSD is okay, pretty slow compared to what you can buy nowadays but I've had it for 4+ years and I've only had 1 failure, when my pc crashed and I had to reinstall windows and format the ssd...

I had two of the Barracuda drives but one failed recently and is really slow and unrecognized by drive management. Other than that no problems, a bit loud but my PSU muffles everything.

Graphics Card: GPU was bought for 120€ ( $136 ) (Second hand) So I had to buy it as my GTX 570 failed during the mining craze and I had no money, and I might get a V56 or a 1080 when I go back to China in February, other than that It's doing good @ 1080p gaming. I can get +120 on Core and +800 on mem but it's somewhat unstable, like it crashed after 2-3h of straight siege.

Case: I bought my P300 for 60€, It looks great, Is much smaller than I thought (which is great for me), but I would appreciate some more space in the back as hiding cables on a non modular PSU was a huge pain. On top of that the cut-out at the bottom was a pain in the *** to route my USB 3.0 Internal Cable.

Power Supply: PSU was also bought in India so I have no idea how much it costs

It's 600W with no rating, It's REALLY loud under load, literally the only thing you can hear. But other than that I can't complain as I've had it for 6 years and a half.

Fans: I bought all of them for 11€ ( $12.50 )

Never had anything better than 90mm fans so I was really surprised at how big they were ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) other than that they're virtually silent, look good imo and have good airflow

Monitors: The IN2030M was bought in India too, I have no idea whatsoever on how much I bought it for so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Other than that I've also had it for 5 years there's nothing special about it... I bought the VG248QE for 245€ ( $278 ) as a replacement for my IN2020M and there's nothing about this monitor that's bad, stock colors are pretty terrible but other than 144Hz is incredible and 1ms response time is so great. I literally can't go back other than that nothing to say xd.

Keyboard: I bought it for ¥600 ( 75€, $85 ) (New) It's great, the RGB lighting is great, I used to have a crappy Membrane keyboard so I can't give a real review as this is my first Mechanical keyboard. But I have a problem with the USB Passthrough, it broke upon first use which dissapoints me alot, but I have no use for it.

smol review on the notebook, the edges are kinda sharp but it's okay xd

Mouse: I got the G502 for free, the sensor is great, but the shape is pretty crap and the weight is way too high, would not recommend IMO, also I dont find the use for so many programable buttons and the infinite scroll wheel, looking to upgrade to a Zowie FK2 but the DPI increments are pretty crap..., also looking to upgrade to a G Pro Wireless, G305 or a Ultralight Pro.

Mousepad: Got it for 40€ ( $45 ) The QcK XXL is great, the surface is extremely smooth and I have nothing to say about it, it's an easy 5 star.

Headphones: I got these as a gift and I have been using them since as I find no reason to change, the audio quality is great, bass is great, the mic is horrible but I don't know why you would be using it but they get really uncomfortable after really long sessions as the cups are too small and kinda hard...

Microphone Got it for 25€ ( $28 ) I only went for the USB version as it was cheaper than the XLR version + it came with the arm and the pop filter. There ain't much wrong with it other than the kinda crappy packaging and the fact that it came with dust on the mic and the pop filter... There's nothing wrong, the Audio Quality is pretty good but it has a light buzzing, I don't know why, I don't believe it's because of the mic but it's annoying, also it's really sensitive but I could fix that through software.

Game Framerates

Rainbow Six Siege I get 100+ FPS on lowest settings.

Fornite I play on 1080x1080 with everything on low except View Distance and AA on Epic and I get constant 144+ FPS, very rare drops under 120 fps.

Minecraft Is this a joke?

GTA V I get consitant 60+ FPS with everything maxed out except grass quality on medium and no AA.

Sims 4 uhhhh 60+ FPS on max...

CS:GO Constant 144 FPS+ in almost all settings.

if you want any more benchmarks, I'll try to get em :D

sorry for the terrible pics, my phone is broken atm

Edit: added a conversion for freedom units.

Part Reviews


Hvae had this CPU for 2 months, great CPU. XFR manages to get it to 4.1 GHz to 1+ cores on the stock cooler! Never temps aren't ever higher than 70°

Cooler comes with thermal paste, very quiet, and extremely good considering it comes with the CPU.


One of the best B450 for price, it comes with RGB Lighting, 6 USB Ports (Rear). 1 USB 3.1 Type A, 2 USB 3.0 Type A, 1 USB 3.1 Type C and 2 USB 2.0. There are also 6 internal USB ports, 2 3.0 Type A and 4 USB 2.0. 1 M.2 Slot, Raid Support and 6 SATA III ports.

The VRM's are great, (proof on Hardware Unboxed's video on B450 review). Nothing more to say about this board.

But if you want a better B450/Price get the B450 Mortar.


Stunning to look at, software kinda crap but that's okay. Extremely fast and compatible with Ryzen.


Not the quickest SSD, only failed once in 3 years after my pc crashed :/ but it's still pretty good.

Video Card

Great value/money especially for 1080p gaming, can run Fortnite on competitive settings very well (144+ FPS)


Great Case for money, looks great, nice tinted tempered glass panel, but more space in the back to tuck the PSU cables would be nice as if you don't have Modular PSU it's a pain in the *** to hide em.

Power Supply

I've had this PSU for 6+ years and no problems, only problems are there are no ratings, horrible looking cables and short 4 pin EPS cables. Also, very loud. Definately better PSU/$'s out there.

Case Fan

Virtually Silent, good airflow. Nothing more to say.


Had this monitor foreverrr. No dead pixels, but it's not suited for gaming, unoverclockable, and that 5ms response time is horrible


Got mine for only 60 euros, Great RGB lighting, I love the keys, but the spacebar still rattles quite a bit. Also, no dedicated media keys, and + the USB passthrough port broke within first time use.


Okay shape, top optical sensor, too heavy. The infinate scroll wheel is useless imo, I only use it when I wanna make less noise, but if the scroll wheel were less loud I would never use it. + I find no use for the sniper button, scroll wheel side clicks, and the buttons next to the LMB. If the rear would be a bit more elevated, right side a bit more grippy, less changes in textures, - all useless buttons i mentioned, and a weight under 100g it would be great.


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Nice build!!

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P300 makes it even better. Nice build...

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Thanks man!

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My 2600X cant go past 4.0 :(

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damn dude, what mobo?

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Asus X470 F Gaming

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Hello, nice build you have there and I also going for the same build. Did you OC to CPU with Precision Boost at all? And how would you do it. Also, are the RAM compatible with the MOBO, say running at 3200MHz? Thank you!

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I didn't do anything to the CPU, I installed Ryzen Master and let XFR make wonders. Ram compatibility is absolutely fine, just enable the XMP profile with 1600MHz (or 3200MHz) I can't remember what's written

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but then again, the kit i have has tighter timings than the one you listed on your parts list

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XD for nubs xD for skrubs xd for lesser skrubs Xd for gods <3

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