Running smoothly so far. I'm new to modern gaming, haven't kept up with new releases since 2013-ish, so I've only run a couple games so far.

Rocket League with vsync on (and a 60hz display) runs a steady 59-61 fps at 51-52C, with vsync off and a 120fps cap it runs 119-121fps at around 54C.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (the 2019 one) runs stock settings averaging around 70fps and 63C. Vsync on, and a few graphics settings turned up runs 60-61fps (as expected) and 64-65C. Note, this game is using 11GB of ram...glad I went with 16 not the 8 I was initially planning.

Those are the only two games I've run for more than a minute or so. I intend to run driving sim/racing later on in Forza Motorsport, F1 2019 and likely Asseto Corsa so updates may come.

I also use 3d modeling (CAD) software so I ran Inventor Bench on Inventor 2020, on 3 cycles it averaged a 12.1 rating. Fairly pleased with this since my $1000+ workstation I use at my actual work is a 7.2 on the same benchmark. I have yet to do any actual work in inventor on this machine so time will tell what the real world performance is in that aspect.

Notes: LEDs on the CPU cooler are slightly more greenish blue compared to the case fans.

One of the case fans mad a little noise initially, a slight adjustments to the mounting screws fixed it but worth mentioning.

Part Reviews


First build so not much to compare against but for the price, I have to say I'm plenty satisfied. I can't say 5/5 stars because that implies no room for improvement which is extremely rare but this is a great case for the price and for my needs.


-Fans included, 4 of them!

-Tempered glass, I hate acrylic as a material for just about any use because of how easily it scratches so I shopped exclusively glass cases

-Plenty of space and cutouts for cable routing options

-Price (computer components are always going on sales, I got this case for $45)


-The included fans...they are clearly cheap fans, one made quite a bit of noise rubbing on something in the case before I adjusted/loosened a mounting screw or two. Also, as shipped they are controlled by a case switch (low/off/high), I'm sure they could be switched over to MB control though

-No case USB-C is a bit of a bummer right now, depending on how much USB-C is used going forward, could become a huge bummer. Time will tell.

-No external drive bays for disc drives or front card readers etc. Should be obvious since the front is just a glass panel but it's a thing. Since USB card readers are cheap and discs are hardly used anymore I was fine with this trade.


-Its heavy. There panels are glass. glass is not light. I think it's about 20lbs empty. It's a trade I'm willing to make for glass but something to be aware of.

-One side has tinted glass, one side has clear. Fine with me since the black case frame makes the clear side look pretty dark but again, something to think about that isn't noted anywhere in descriptions.

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  • 2 months ago
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does the case come with a fan hub? with 4 fans it seems likely but i cant find another source.

  • 2 months ago
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Yes it comes with a fan hub pre wired to the 4 installed fans so setup is plugging one header into the mobo. Has one or two more outputs available to expand as well. I believe it only works with variable voltage fans and not pwm fans but anyone running a cheaper case probably isn't running $20/each fans.