Used for casual gaming, school work, and light video editing. Everything worked great and a simple and relatively easy build. Peripherals are great and it’s ran every game I’ve thrown at it so far with ease. Also is a very quiet system. NOTE: The fans came without mounting hardware (which can be found at your local computer store) (also will either need a cooler Master RGB fan controller or a generic fan splitter) (you will also need a external dvd/cd reader to install windows) Lastly if your planning to use WiFi connection you will need to get a usb WiFi adapter (can be found on amazon).....these parts were not able to be shown on list otherwise I would have definitely added them. Overall was a easy and fun build and continues to prove it’s worth and potential.

Part Reviews


Amazing starter processor, had no problems.


Was easy to instal well marked and was very easy to build on.


Great ram is very high quality, looks great, and performs even better

Video Card

No complaints with this GPU it works great.....just thought it was weird when I didn’t have to plug it in with the 6+2 pin connector but turns out it doesn’t need it because it’s integrated.


Great starter case at at a great price with a lot of room for cable management in the backside panel.

Case Fan

Fans work great but didn’t come with hardware which caused a large problem in building because I had to source my own screws.


Monitor has great picture quality but recommend a higher refresh rate for gaming especially FPS games. I would consider upgrading to 144Hz monitor if possible. This one will still get the job done though.


Keys are responsive and build quality is on par with some higher end keyboards. Keys are a little on the louder side though.


Mouse is very responsive and accurate. Also came with a braided cable which is great for the price.


Very comfortable for short and long periods with great sound and a good mic. Perfect for a starter pc

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