I built this about a year ago for a friend of mine who wanted a computer for about $1500. He wanted it to be good for a very long time and he was willing to spend the extra money to make sure it was really nice. He mostly plays League of Legends, but his brother plays some ARK.

The price list isn't accurate anymore. If I would have built it today, I would have thrown in a 10 series GPU. This was when the 1080's specs were just a rumor. He was playing on an all-in-one computer that ran League on low at like 30fps. He didn't want to wait for the new card to come out.

So I threw this together for him and it ended up being about exactly $1500. It was pretty simple to put together. It was the most expensive computer I had ever built so I was excited about it. The only thing I wish I could have done better was the cable management by the cooler. The cables are just kinda laying there. Also, notice the SSD taped to the 3.5in drive bay, heh.

It's running great for him and he won't be needing to upgrade for a very long time, so I feel like I did my job. I tried some color coordination in the build too so I think it looks pretty sleek.

Thanks for reading!

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CPU Cooler

It's my now go-to cooler. Relatively easy install and it looks great. Great temps too.

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  • 41 months ago
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That fan cable should not be hanging so loosely near the fan blades.

  • 41 months ago
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Yeah, I couldn't route the cord anywhere else. Nothing's happened yet so that's good.