My Original build was in a NZXT s340 Black. However a friend offered me 75$ for the case and 25$ the EVO 212 cooler I had, which then led me to this case and AIO (and my obsessive need to upgrade!). I also didn't have any GPU when I originally purchased my parts, but found a Gigabyte GTX960 2gb for 80$ between ordering my parts and receiving them, so I picked that up. That GPU lasted me all of 4 days untill a saw an ad for 2 gtx960 4gb for 150$ I called the guy and went that minute to pick them up. Got there and realized they were GTX970s 4gb! Seller said it was his mistake and he'd honor the price. managed to sell the GTX960 2gb for 80$ to friend that had bought my case. It was a good day. A few weeks went by, and I decided for a sidegrade, got the Aorus GTX1060 6gb. Then while prices were skyrocketing, my wife (bless her sweet heart) said I could splurge for the 1080ti, and it was the last upgrade I was getting for awhile.

I wanted something that would push 144fps on Ultra at 1080p for a long time. I made this. 4.9 (no delid) @ 1.37 (settles @ 1.24) temps 68-72. Haven't OC'd my GPU yet, haven't needed to squeeze more performance out of it so far.

I regret (only a little) the Gigabyte and Thermaltake choices. Gigabytes software is absolutely bloatware, and doesn't always work as intended. Thermaltake's decision to use separate controllers for the RGB and fans made more cable management and less cohesiveness in colours. I opted for static colours because of this. I do really like the thermal mode for the AIO though, it gives me an idea of CPU temps without having to run an overlay.

Performance in games like BLOPS4 (multiplayer) is 170-220fps and Blackout mode is in the 120-160fps range. Forza Motorsport 7 is 175fps average on ultra. GTA-V with everything turned up in advanced is still 90-120fps on average.

Using an AOC G2460PG 24-Inch Monitor with G700s mouse and Gpro TKL Keyboard. some cheapo Logitech Speakers since I mostly game with my headset on anyways.

If I could do it all over again, knowing what I now know, I would have most likely gone with EVGA for the MoBo, GPU, and PSU and AIO if only beacasue of the customer service and reliability I have read about.

As much as I like the RGB options, I'm pretty sure I would have been just as happy without them.

Part Reviews


Solid CPU, price is a little higher than it needs to be at the moment, but I have absolutely no complaints about the performance.

4.9 no delid on a 280mm AIO and temps are 68-72 on p95

CPU Cooler

As far as cooling goes, it's great, since it's basically the exact same pump and rad that you see on 90% of the other AIOs on the market. however needing a separate controller for the RGB and fans, one that isn't backwards compatible with older Thermaltake Fans is a big negative for me. It adds more cable clutter, and reduces the ability to truly sync your color scheme together


Great Hardware. Absolutely horrible software suite. 3 M.2 slots and 3 PCIe16x slots! Solid power delivery. good looks, and doesn't feel cheap. If Only Gigabyte could get better software designers to go with their terrific hardware


Non descript solid performing affordable (ish) RAM. What more is there to say?


Fast and reasonably priced. SSD is the way to go

Video Card

BIG BEEFY CARD. Very Large. Looks great performs great and stays cool. However, like the rest of Gigabytes products, even though the hardware is fantastic, the accompanying software is horrible.


Lots of room, solid build quality. Wish the included fans were the Plus versions though.

Power Supply

Dlivers power. Fuly modular. has a RGB/static colour ring. The cables feel and look very plasticy/shiny and I wish they hadn't gone with Red plugs on the ends

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