This is my first custom PC. Built it 2 weeks ago, I'm incredibly happy, had an old 4 core CPU from AMD (an old FX). This system will be used mainly for gaming and the occasional streaming, possibly getting into video editing soon. I still need to get a better cooler on the processor, and possibly expand the ram, but other than that there's nothing more I could have asked for.

One thing I didn't think through apparently, is that this EVGA 650W only has 1 4+4 connector for the motherboard, it's not a big deal, but I would like to have the other connector plugged in just for peace of mind.

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  • 14 months ago
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Just FYI, that 4+4 cpu power plug can put out about 400 watts. The plug on the mobo (called a EPS 12V Socket) only goes to power the cpu, and 400w is way more than enough power for the cpu.

Now, I'm not saying your PSU would have enough spare capacity to push 400w to the CPU thru the EPS connector, but I'm just saying that having the second connector is generally unnecessary in the AM4 socket.

Two EPS connectors are beyond unnecessary in any AM4 cpu other than the 2700x and only necessary in the 2700x if you used LN2 to cool your cpu. With LN2, you might be able to get the cpu to pull more than 400watts through your cpu and the VRM.

...take what I say w a grain of salt though. Maybe do some research on VRMs. I love the VRM (with its finned heat sink) on this mobo and am currently deciding between this mobo and the Crosshair VII for a 2700x cpu.

Your build here is a really powerful economical build. Don't worry about upgrading your PSU right now.

  • 14 months ago
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Thank you so much! I've heard similar things, I wondered if it was a "nice to have" or a "definitely dont need it."

I love gigabyte, and I heard (and saw) some people receive the crosshair hero board bricked. I loved the design of both boards, but I adore the RBG implementation on the Aorus board!

  • 7 months ago
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No price on case? Been looking at this one, more pics would be appreciated. How was building in it? Cable management handled well? Great gaming rig, nice job on matching parts.

  • 2 months ago
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Goodness, im so sorry being this late to your comment, it was around 160 ish, there has since been an updated ARGB version, which i'll go ahead and link to you.