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I've been wanted to build a PC for about 2 years now, but never really had the funds. Well, a lot of saving, some deals here and there and, i have myself a very pretty working PC. currently i use this PC for 3D modeling, watching videos, and light-moderate gaming (Overwatch Tomb Raider, Subnatica, etc)

I've had half these parts since Christmas, (PSU, case, fans, peripherals) and i have been itching to finish it. i was pretty dead set on getting Ryzen because of the budget i was working on, (I've also been a big AMD fan for sometime now) While i waited the three months or so since i got half my stuff i cable managed, installed all my drives, and got a little RGB lighting kit from Walmart.

This build went so smoothly i considered naming it butter. everything fit perfectly, it booted on the first try. i hope everyone who may be scared to start build a PCknow that, its really not as hard as it looks, as long as you do your research before hand, you'll be just fine.

Part Reviews


I love this little budget Cpu, Ryzen has been one of AMDs greatest releases in a long time. the inclusion of overclocking on ALL Ryzen processors is a fantastic feature


Really nice I/O (wish it had type-c though) solid build quality, i shouldn't expect anything less from Asus though. very neutral color scheme.

they gave my a drink coaster for some reason, along with some stickers. i do appreciate it but i was just an odd find in the box.


Great RGB on a budget! especially great with ryzen, because of its high clock speed.


an SSD i took frpm an "old" laptop :p perfectly fine for windows and some games

Video Card

Great budget 1080p card, wish i had gotten the 8gb model though stays pretty quiet unless under a very heavy load, which is rare.


i actually love this case! i had pretty low expectations for this case, since it was 40 bucks. but, when i got it, it absolutely crushed my expectations. the air flow is fantastic, there is so much space in there, it can even support E-ATX,i bet if you shrunk your mobo to mATX you could get a water cooling loop in there. its got room for 6 120mm fans, bit excessive personally, but some people like it. im planning on putting a 240mm AIO in the top at some point in the future, when i decide to OC.

Would recommend this case, instructions were very bare though, watch out for breakaway pci covers edges are sharp

Power Supply

not loud at all gets it job done nicely, great for lower power budget system, i took the side sticker off since it clashed with my color scheme a bit too much

Case Fan

great if you just need fans, these aren't flashy at all they push air well, not enough for water cooling though


great cheap mechanical keyboard, plenty of back lighting options and effects

no number pad


Fantastic mouse for the price, havent had any issues looks very neutral, will fit in with most setups easily


great overall, lots of adjust ability for different head shapes. (or if you wear a hat a lot like i do) the machine washable fabric is eh. pulls my hair sometimes, bit annoying

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  • 12 months ago
  • 2 points

Found your build while looking at the pc case reviews, awesome that it's all linked since your build is good inspiration. Glad "butter" turned out fine!! keep it up and thanks for the reviews. you sound like a youtuber/reviewer for some reason maybe its your name xd

  • 12 months ago
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thanks! sorry for the late reply, school is taking most of my time. lol

I do try and provide a perspective on products to help others make a decision about buying it, reviewing sounds neat and I would like to do it, finishing this build is definitely a step in that direction.

Glad i'm able to inspire you, heck only a year ago I had no idea what I was doing. never thought id be an inspiration! I wish you luck on what you choose to build!

  • 8 months ago
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Did you plug in the rgb strip in the front? If so, do you know where to plug it into? I just need to know now because someone said they couldn’t find out how to do it

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

there two 12v rgb headers i plugged mine into the bottom one, where the tape is on the rgb cord unplug that and plug the first half into the mobo/rgb controller. if you need the 5v rgb header the case model name is matrexx 70, hope this helps