I had the idea of building a computer in an all clear ITX case, and so I did it. I want to give a big thanks to TOMA Fabrications for their amazing case (and amazing customer service), which was the inspiration for this build.

I don't really do any gpu intensive tasks such as gaming or video editing, so this computer was mainly built for light media consumption. The main goals of this build were make it as compact as possible, minimize the amount of cables used, as well as trying to maintain a black color scheme.

CPU (i3-8100): A quad core CPU was more than enough for my needs.

CPU Cooler (Arctic Alpine 12 CO): I was looking for a downdraft CPU cooler that was not the intel stock cooler, and this one looked like a good choice. The gray fan matched the color scheme quite well.

MOBO (ASRock B360-itx): I needed a black motherboard that had a gen3 m.2 slot, and this one was perfect. I do kind of wish the IO shield was coated black like the high end ASUS boards.

RAM (Kingston 2x4GB): I figured 8gb was all I needed, so I picked up this kit for my black color scheme.

Storage (Samsung 970 Evo 250gb): An m.2 SSD was used to minimize cables inside the case. I personally don't use up a lot of storage so 250gb was more than enough for me.

GPU (EVGA 1050Ti 4gb): This was a card that I had laying around before I planned this build. I don't really need discrete graphics for my uses, but it fit the black color scheme, so I chucked it into the build.

Case (MITX 120): A fully modular and customizable all clear acrylic ITX case.

PSU (Corsair SF450): The original MITX 120 case by TOMA Fabrications was actually designed to support a full-sized ATX power supply. However, SFX power supplies these days go up to 800 watts, which is way more than what I would ever need for an ITX build, so I requested TOMA Fabrications if they could customize the case to fit an SFX power supply, and they did! I also ordered some custom psu cables from mod-one.

Case Fan (Corsair ML120): The original fan came with white corner caps, which did not match the color scheme, so I ordered some black corner caps from Corsair. The fan itself is very quiet, and the white LED is also a nice touch.

Monitor (HP): I currently do not need a high end monitor like those with 144hz, so I picked up this decent one for pretty cheap. At least it has slim bezels!

Thanks for checking out my latest build!


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I didn't look at an all acrylic case in quite a while, nice job!