----------- Warning ! Long story below ! -------------

Whew, getting here was no easy task ! Been dreaming of having a real, powerful, beautiful gaming desktop computer for years (and also for school, me wanting to go in computer classes), but because my parents are divorced I had no choice but to get a gaming laptop. And while it was good and powerful enough for quite a time, and I really had good times with my proud MSI GL72, it soon became too weak for my taste. Plus most of my friends had gaming beasts in their houses the need of more raw power was growing more and more stronger (my GTX 960M rapidly became insufficient). So, after around a year and a half of saving as much money I could from pocket money, birthday, gifts... And with some much needed persuasion skills with my family I finally got to the point I could at last start to gather parts for the project. Also I had a lot of luck (and a really loving family !) because my initial budget jumped from 1200 to 1700 monitor included ! Also the fact that I already had all the peripherals except the monitor and the chair helped there :). And then, after around a month of patient purchases (waiting for the best prices), all the pieces were there... Now I had to learn how to build a computer from scraps xD ! Installation was done with a friend of mine who was quite experienced with the building process. Everything went smooth until the installation of the CPU Cooler because there were missing screws. Yup ! It lacked the two required mounting screws... Fortunately the CPU Cooler that came with the processor was here and a pretty good-looking one I must say ! Installation then continued smoothly, and lonely because my friend had to leave and I was home alone... And then it didn't went smooth at all. Oh boy did I have so many problems ! My biggest issue was with the pins for the on/off power button of the case that were a real pain in the *** to install, but it was part of my fault building my computer in my little bedroom with very few light... Also when I FINALLY, after four hours of building, able to turn on the beast, no boot... I searched again for what could possibly be malfunctionning, hoping with all my strenght it was the mobo or the gpu, but it was just the ram sticks that were badly installed. First time REALLY booting up was a real blast, also first launched game with around 300 in Fortnite and 80 in Monster Hunter World, everything maxed. Been using it for over a month now and I haven't ran into any issues yet.

Part Reviews


So far so good, the 8 cores and 16 threads really helping in QoL improvement, eveything is so freaking fast and nervous ! Gaming is a blast also, never more than 30/40% CPU Usage and it f** rocks ! Clocks at around 4.0 GHz on all cores when gaming, but it will probably go higher once I have installed the real CPU Cooler.

CPU Cooler

Well I still haven't installed it yet, lazyness you know... I will report my temps below and update this once it will be installed.

Thermal Compound

Great and cheap stuff here ! Pretty happy to never go past 65°C with stock cooler even in very CPU-demanding game like MHW.


It was really easy and intuitive to build with it. The BIOS is clear and simple to use, overclocking seems easy (and completely useless on a Ryzen, except for the RAM of course). Also the built-in audio is better than I expected ! Good point here, I can finally exploit my DT770 to its fullest (I think so at least).


Had a tons of issues with it, but I honestly think it's all my fault for not installing them correctly enough in the first place... Now they run at 3200CL16 with no problems at all ! Also look classy.


Fast and reliable SSD, had absolutely no problems with it and Windows boots lightning fast. Plus 500 Go is enough fore at least a tens of game so, all cool !


What can I say, except that it has heavy storage and seems to run pretty fast ? It's an HDD, I can not ask for anything more !

Video Card

Oh my god it's beautiful ! And also it runs so freaking fast and cool ! Currently overclocked to 2.050 MHz (+250 on memory also) and I absolutely never go beyond 60/65 °C with a custom fan curve (it does get quite loud be warned, but I play with headphones so I do not care).


Very easy to work in, is quite pretty (I prefer classy look over RGB), seems very durable and the stock fans are good-quality ones !

Power Supply

750 W seems to be more than enough for whatever I may do with my computer, and also leaves me breathing room for upgradeability. Fully modular is a great plus for building. Also has tons of good reviews everywhere and looks pretty dope.


First time having a 144 Hz Monitor, and everything we say about it is true ! Do not listen to all the haters out there telling you that 144 Hz and 60 Hz have no differences, beacuse they are clearly either stupid, ignorant or dishonest. For this monitor in particular I have nothing special to say, except that the colors are quite pretty in a stock configuration. The menu is note that easy to get around but once you've figured out how it works it becomes easier.


Cheapest MX Red Keyboard I could find on the market. Pretty straight-forward, no RGB, no macros but I did not care so that's fine. Noise is quite satisfying, but the spacebar is a little to loud still for my tastes (but I play with headphones so I don't care).


Went from another Logitech mice, the G502, which I found to be too big and too heavy for my hands, to this little wireless wonder. Works like a charm, is plug and play, light, small, comfortable and cheap ; what could you ask for more ?


Have these since a year now, they fell on the ground around 2000000 times and they still have a bassy-but-still-balanced-and-sharp sound. Also the padding is ridiculously comfortable once you're accustomed with it. Just a side note, I have had quite a few issues with the bass disappearing in the left ear but I figured out it was each time a hair locked against the speaker, so shaking it a little or using carefully a vacuum cleaner proved effective each time to solve the issue.


Newest addition to the "setup". Really comfortable gaming chair, plus it looks so cool ! Maybe a little pricey for the features but not for the comfort or the build quality.

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  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

The cpu temps look great already is that still with the wraith max?

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Sorry for the very late reply (was kinda busy with exams). Yes it still is the wraith max that comes with the cpu :). As I said I was busy and so I didn't have the will to change the cooler yet xD ! Keep in mind tho that I haven't ran any stress test so I think temp may be different then ;).

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

I have a GTX 1060 and I'm considering getting the same monitor. Have you seen if G-Sync works after the latest nVidia driver update?

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

did the freezer 33 fit on the motherboard