This is my first build. I needed something more powerful for editing and maybe a little gaming, so I built this. I already had the WiFi extender, peripherals, monitor, and keyboard, and the graphics card was on sale, so it only cost me $730.

Part Reviews


8 cores and a pretty awesome cooler for $170. What more could you ask for? It's super fast, the cooler is quiet and it has RGB. I managed to overclock mine to 3.6 on the stock cooler and never got above 70 C even when running Prime 95 and I didn't even mess with the stock fan curve. It's pretty awesome that AMD included this 95w cooler for a 65w chip, and if you're not as worried about longevity and noise you can probably overclock it farther than I did.


Haven't had any problems with it so far, power delivery is good enough to keep my 1700 at 3.6 stable. Not many bells and whistles but it's cheap so that's fine. Color scheme is dumb though, if you're not going to have rgb you should just have neutral colors.


It's ram. It works. I overclocked mine to 2667 mhz.


240gb isn't much, but it's all you need if you store most of your things online and mostly stream your music/movies. After installing Windows 10 and drivers it's about 200gb. Amazing value for $30

Video Card

Good if you get it on sale like I did, otherwise you'd be better off with a reference pcb 580 or 1060 3gb, or maybe one of those Sapphire 8gb cards.


Fine if you need a REALLY cheap case but it's a pain to build in. It looks pretty bad too, that thermaltake badge is just so tacky. Cable management is about as bad as it gets for a full ATX system. Cooling options are limited too, and the drive cages are non-removable. Yeah it's only $20, but I strongly recommend not cheaping out on the case like I did. I'll be upgrading to an H500 once I can afford it.

Operating System

Windows 10 is great, looks way more modern than Windows 7. Just be careful about updates, though. If you were wondering, the OEM version just means you can't move the license to a new computer, so if you get a new motherboard, for example, you'll have to get a new license. Not a huge problem for me, though, since I don't plan on upgrading my CPU or motherboard any time soon, just something to be aware of.


24 inches is kind of small and the speakers are crap, but it works well and is sharp enough, and the colors aren't as hot garbage as they were at first after some tweaking, but it's still a TN panel so they're still not great at all and it took a while to even get it to that point. The stand is cheap plastic and not height adjustable but that's ok considering this only costs $100. Would recommend if you already have speakers and need something for under 100. I'll be upgrading soon, though, since those colors really are bad.


Mushy as hell. Space bar broke after only 6 months. The keycaps aren't even switchable and the mouse is worthless. Tracks badly, only 3 buttons including scroll wheel, not a fan of the shape either but that's more subjective. You can get a mechanical keyboard for this price if you don't care about wireless, and if you do just get a Logitech K380. Not even considering the mouse as part of the value because it's absolute garbage, you're better off just using mouse keys if you don't have another mouse. Regret the purchase more than anything, even worse than spending $1,000 on a 2015 MacBook Air. Don't make my mistake, just get either the Logitech or a cheap mechanical keyboard if you're fine with a wire.


Great mouse, the battery life is unbeatable. Super comfortable, one of Logitech's greatest strengths in my opinion is comfort. The tilt wheel and gesture button are amazing, and the hyper scroll wheel and forward/back buttons should be on every mouse ever made. All 8 buttons are re-programmable, and you can even change the functions for different apps, for example you can set the forward and back buttons to undo and redo in Photoshop. Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that SetPoint is kind of a pain to work with, I wish it used Options instead, but it's far from a dealbreaker. Got it for half of the retail price at Costco, which is also pretty awesome. Would definitely recommend, although some of the newer versions don't have the gesture button, so just make sure you get the right one. Obviously not great for gaming though.


It's really nice, the edge is stitched and my mouse tracks well on it. Also makes for a more comfortable wrist rest than the bare wood of my desk. It also means I don't have to worry about scratching the glass on the back of my Pixel when I set it on my desk. I kinda wish I got the plain black one though since the red is a bit flashy, but that's my own fault.


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You should get a backplate for the video card. It would look so much better that way.

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Thanks for the advice, but you can't really see the gpu normally since the case doesn't have a side window.

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The case doesn't have a side panel tho

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It does, I just took it off to show what the internals look like since the case I got doesn't have a window in the side panel

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Nice job, but I would have saved up about $30 more to get an rx 580 8gb