Trying to achieve a balance between performance and cost. With how ludacris* the prices of a toy wheel and pedals set are my budget was blown. A t150 or t300 wasn't going to cut it, they just didn't have enough feel or response. Going with the Fanatec v2.5 wasnt my first choice but a more sensible one. Direct Drive was just to much of a stretch for now. An OSW motor and a set of good pedals was pushing $2000. So double a Fanatec wheel and pedal set.

CPU-- With the current state of New processor releases so close together, it was hard to choose especially how they fudged up the ryzen launch. And intel not making Coffee lake Backwards compatible. As my first time ever looking to build a computer, I couldn't have picked a better time. But after days of youtube and google searches i settled on the 1600x

Cooler-- Cooler seems to be better for CPUs.To keep it even cooler and quieter i put 2 Noctua NF-A140mm fan on the radiator. Even at 100% CPU load i dont see temps break 55C with 50% fan speed. Although Radiator efficiency is 50C at 100% but my ears are happy with 50%.

MOBO-- needed to overclock and have good Heat sinks with m.2

Memory-- not the fastest but ill never notice

Storage-- I hate load Screens. Could have used 500gb but couldn't get a deal. Most likey opt for a two 1T 3.5in HD's

GPU-- Not looking for 4k. I was able to super sample 2.20 in the rift debugtool and keep it at 90fps for iracing. A 1080ti would see just under 90FPS @2.50 SS so not worth it

Case-- 280mm front radiator support/ Black/glass window(font 3.0 ports)

PSU-- I just keep hearing their the best. For a top of the line 750w gold psu $94 is hard to beat.

OS-- not much choice

Fans-- Because they even run under water. set them @ 20% till 53C then jump them to 45% at 54C. still very quite

Part Reviews


Performance right on par with most reviews ive seen. Great buy for the $$$

CPU Cooler

Noctua NF-14 IPPC 3000PMW fans used 800-1300rpm

Never planed to use stock fans. Coolermaster fans were louder and needed to be spun faster to achieve target temp levels. The fans also had noticeable flex, where in a pull configuration they would hit the radiator. I found the cooler to reach its limits shortly after 2200rpm in a full load test. Light gaming and wed browsing temps stayed below 35c..This is a great buy under $100 but consider some Noctua PMWs to replace the supplied fans.


In its price range it seems to have the best VRM/chipset heat sinks. The less RGB the better but this does have 2 LEDs under the chipset that change colors. Quality product Highly recommend would buy again

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  • 31 months ago
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I JUST noticed the router inside the case...

Remember that a computer case is metal. It will block Wi-Fi signals from reaching outside. While it's a unique idea to put the router inside the case, your antennas must be outside of it in order for it to work.

If the router has integrated internal antennas, that's all the reason to not put it inside the case.

  • 30 months ago
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its just a modem, i have a 1900 nighthawk router on top. I figured it take up less space and keep it cool. but i have since taken it out.

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Well that would be because Windows 10 came out 2 years ago so I'd hope before that you wouldn't get any buttons. And I'm thinking most people DID know it's free because if your OS is operating properly there's a little tray icon that tells you to upgrade, and it's so annoying that I got a program called "Destroy Windows 10" to remove the program.