This is a re-do of a build I finished back in September 2016. I've since added a 1440p monitor, went SLI and then back to a single card (stepped up to 1080 Ti), added a mechanical keyboard, and have 16gb more ram on the way.

At this point, I think I've done about all I can do hardware wise. My cable management isn't terrible but it's not uber clean like some folks. I may upgrade my cables at some point to get that effect.

Right now, my biggest issue is that I need to clean out my computer room and get my external cable management under control.

It runs pretty decently, although Wildlands makes it work - had to adjust graphics to keep good FPS at 1440p.

My monitor is a freesync monitor, which I went with knowing I was planning on Nvidia. I did this because I wanted an IPS and at the time, I was under the impression the g-sync version of this monitor was TN.

In retrospect, I suppose I could have waited for kaby lake. Especially since I was not upgrading from Skylake, it would have made sense. Having skylake now to go to kaby lake would just be throwing money away so I'm running this rig for years to come now.

edit I've delidded my CPU and dropped about 13-18 C off my temperatures on Prime 95 at 4.6 ghz/1.36v. I can do 4.7 @ 1.42v but for the moment I'm enjoying the lower temps. Doesn't get out of the 40s in games - Division and Deus Ex Mankind Divided tested so far.

Part Reviews

Video Card

Powerful, but after coming from the 1080 FTW, I didn't realize how much of a pain the green Geforce logo would be. I miss the customizability of the FTW, but that's what you get for stepping up. I'm somewhat making up for it by adding a 1080 hybrid kit to the Ti, using a dremel tool to make appropriate modifications to the midplate. As it is, temperatures don't get above 71 on Wildlands, with an aggressive fan curve. Noise is what it is, but I've got headphones so that's not an issue.


Added the Hybrid cooler, now I can't get the dang GPU above 46 C lol (which I'm good with). Can't clock as high as what some people report, 2025-2037 seems to be the sweet spot, but it does handle games very well. Now time to wait for the next gen Ti.


Great case. Plenty of room and I love the ability to remove sections of the drive tray housing. Cooling options are great. I'm running a 240mm intake up front, two 120 mm intakes on the bottom (case sits on desk), a side 140mm fan, an internal 140 mm fan, a rear 140mm exhaust fan, and 4 140mm fans on my AIO radiator in push/pull exhausting out the top. So really I should never have a problem with cooling, especially once I get my GPU on water.

Love the ability to run cables behind the case. It's still somewhat tight back there depending on how many cables you have running. I've got a lot, with 2 hard drives, a blu ray player, video card, and everything else.

It does have a glossy finish, which in retrospect I'm not a huge fan of. This case nails what it sets out to do. Speaking as a new guy to PC building, there might be better cases out there, but this one is a great option. Only negative is the price, but maybe you can find it for cheaper now.

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looks at parts list The only hardware I would suggest in the future is getting a 240mm AIO and overclocking the balls off of that CPU looks at pictures and sees AIO: make that just overclocking the balls off it then. Awesome build and awesome CPu