I got this computer originally as a gift for Christmas 2016. I've wanted to build a PC since mid 2012, and finally got to do it now (didn't get the pick the original parts, unfortunately). Most of the parts are what I got at first, but the CPU was originally an A6 and there was no GPU. I ended up adding the RX 460 initially (which helped a bit), before swapping out the A6 for an 860K (which has improved it a LOT). I also bought a fan controller (for the 3 case fans I have). So far, especially since I got the new CPU, it's been awesome- games like Overwatch run at 40-60 FPS on very high settings (depending on what you're doing ingame).

Right now, my only complaint is noise. The case fans aren't too bad, but the CPU cooler is fairly loud and the GPU is also noisy when gaming. I'm planning on replacing the cooler at some point with something quieter, and eventually the case fans as well. My speakers drown out the noise fairly well though, so it isn't a major issue. So far I'm happy with it.

[Note- the case did not include a 500W PSU, I obviously got that separate. The case was around $50 and the total cost was closer to $350]

Part Reviews


For $50, it works fairly well. Cooler is weird looking and a bit noisy, but it works. Definitely a good upgrade for older FM2/FM2+ computers. If you're planning on building a new PC, however, it's probably a good idea to look at something newer.


It's an inexpensive motherboard, and works as you would expect. The IO shield is a pain to install, though, but that could apply to nearly any motherboard, really.


Works well, and leaves space for more upgrades in the future.


It's an SSD. What else is there to say?

Video Card

I managed to get this on sale for $90 on Amazon. Great card for people who are fine with playing games on medium-high settings and don't want to spend a lot of money. A bit loud, but I have it set up to ramp up the fan at lower temperatures than normal. I'd still recommend going with the newer 4GB RX 560, if you can.


Looks nice, feels sturdy, and is easy to build in. It's not very flashy, so it shouldn't stick out too much. The paint does come off really easily, though. Fans are a little noisy at full speed, but that's expected (a lot better now that I have a fan controller). Decent case for a good price.

Power Supply

Reliable and very quiet- it's almost completely drowned out by the noise of the fans. It's also relatively cheap, which makes it great for budget builds. It's also not likely to explode, so that's a plus.


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It sounds like you enjoyed building your first computer with a gracious heart. I'm certain it's serving you well for school and your entertainment needs. Thanks for sharing and enjoy it. +1

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Thank you!