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First Build - Red & Black theme

by mvickers89


I am a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan so black and red was a must.

I wanted a computer that looked good, was affordable, and was lightning fast with great graphics. I don't overclock and this PC build has been a dream for me. My budget was around $1k and this was a little more but it was worth it. The monitor is what really tipped it over but the monitor itself was worth every penny.

I had paid $1200 for my Dell XPS laptop a few years ago and the performance I get out of this one is ten-fold!


Playing Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Rome 2, Team Fortress 2, Spec Ops: The Line all at the max settings and it runs great. I plan on getting Battlefield 4 to play on here and I think it will run beautifully.

Added another red LED 200mm fan to go on top. It looks great playing with the lights off. The LEDs are bright but they're not overpowering which I love.

Total cost + monitor + any taxes + shipping = $1,100-ish. I got almost everything on this list on sale, tax free, free shipping. So it was just the right timing when ordering these parts!

Ignore my messy desk BTW. It looks clean and organized now :)

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canders 7 Builds 2 points 67 months ago

I've been watching for your build. Looks like a good parts list. Any pics?

mvickers89 submitter 1 Build 1 point 67 months ago

Uploading them now!

canders 7 Builds 1 point 67 months ago

Looks great. I noticed your PSU fan is facing up. You could flip it over so it draws cool air from outside the case. However, it looks like your PC sits on carpet so that may not be an option. You can also update the prices to show what you actually paid. Hope you had fun putting it together.

mvickers89 submitter 1 Build 1 point 66 months ago

I never even really noticed the PSU fan. You're saying it's pushing air out as of right now? I had a blast putting it together and will definitely be building another one in the future. I have my receipts around somewhere and would but too beat from work right now to look for them.

canders 7 Builds 2 points 66 months ago

The fan in the picture is the intake for the PSU. The exhaust is out the back of the case where the PSU power button is. I think there is an intake screen on the bottom of your case. It may even have a filter on it. If you flip the PSU over and point the intake down, your PSU will pull in cool air from outside the case instead of warm air from inside. It's just a little more efficient. Probably keep your PC slightly cooler which should help your parts over the long run. I have carpet at my house too. I just bought a piece of wood at home depot the same size as the footprint of my case and set the PC on it. I know what you mean about wanting to build another. It's a lot of fun.

Deserter15 1 point 63 months ago

Having the fan up actually helps keep your system cool. It then acts as another exhaust fan

Fullsome 1 Build 2 points 62 months ago

awesome build, really like it!

mvickers89 submitter 1 Build 2 points 60 months ago

Thank you! It runs great. I just bought Titanfall on PC and it pretty much maxes it out no problems.