Hi everyone i updated my 32GB SSD to 120GB

put in an Asus Xonar Dg sound card since i bought some skullcandy hesh 2.0 it make it sound so much better than the on board audio worth the money!

and put a side window on my pc and it looks soo much better!

soon im updating my GPU not that i need to (it runs all games i play with no problems BF3 at high settings btw) i also play Far Cry 3, LOL, WOW, MW3, Skyrim

my CPU is OC to 4.2 ect...


  • 85 months ago
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Good build!

Funny story, when I was reading the description, you put "Far Cry 3, LOL". i thought you were laughing at Far Cry 3. Then I realized I was stupid.

But good build!

  • 85 months ago
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Lookin Good!