Hello all, this is my second build taking old parts or PCs that I run into and giving it new life. My son's friend wanted to buy my son's old computer but I had already sold off the CPU, memory and processor (i7-860). However, I still had the case that I needed to get rid of since it was taking space. His friend has been gaming on a Mac laptop that ran out of space. So he offered $250 for it. So I set out with that budget to piece together a PC he could use since I had a lot of little older spare parts lying around.

I took my son's old case and added a craigslist EVGA Z68 SLI and i5-2500K for $100. Had 4GB of RAM left over from my nephews old computer and added 4GB more from ebay for $20. I thought I bought the same sticks but didn't look carefully enough and bought lower CAS ones. Fortunately, they all work at the lower CAS. I also added a Rosewill 500W $40 PSU and Cryorig M9i cooler for $20. I had traded a Gigabyte H97M-HD3 motherboard that I paid $45 for my colleague's GTX 560 Ti (OEM) model which is 1.28 GB of RAM, PCP didn't have the exact model so I picked an equivalent. Threw in some old drives from old laptops and some extra case fans. The case and one case fan were 2008 prices, LOL. Finally I added a Intel 7260 with PCIe adapter for wireless.

The CPU with the cooler and case is doing 4.2Ghz @ 1.3v @ 81 C in OCCT Power Supply burn in testing. The GPU is doing 830 Mhz (core)/2300 Mhz (mem) @ standard voltage @ 87 C in the same burn in testing for 12 hours. Room temp was 22 C. So this was not bad for such a little cooler and case.

My son's friend will be playing CSGO, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Seige, and Rocket League, so basically eSports titles that are not hard on hardware. New parts bought from Newegg (cooler and PSU) I used ebates to get 1% discount (woohoo). I have used ebates to get 15% from Dell for my son's monitor so there are many times it works out. Even ebay gives ebates as high as 10% that I have used. Use this link: if you want to sign up. I just got my quarterly check and got back ~$100.

Part Reviews


Overclocks like a champ at 1.3v 4.2Ghz

CPU Cooler

Best value and allows for a little overclocking i5-2500K.


Pros: Nice on motherboard features like reset, power and clear CMOS buttons. Quality heatsinks and VRMs.

Cons: Fan control is lacking and no offset voltage for vcore.


Cheap and small! Smallest ATX case.

No cable management!

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  • 23 months ago
  • 1 point

87C for a 560 Ti? Whoah... Is that considered normal temp for them? I remember hearing that the 4xx and 5xx cards were basically ovens.

  • 23 months ago
  • 1 point

They are good till 100 MHz before they start throttling. I am using a 2200 RPM Blade Master fan from a Hyper 212+.