I built this computer so I could get comfortable with building and so I'd have something other than my extremely old and practically useless for gaming HP Compaq CQ40 laptop. I've been highly interested in building for a long while now and I finally have the funds to do so. I made some mistakes hardware wise as I should have gone with a 6th gen i5 and a case with front USB 3.0. Also I should have saved a little more and got myself a 1TB SSD instead of a 120GB boot SSD and a 2TB 7200RPM HDD. I also wish that I had a bit more of a color scheme going on. While It's nothing unique, this build is fairly upgradeable and is powerful enough that it will give me that holy grail 60FPS in most titles at 1080p and it's definitely powerful enough to get me through a few years. I will have a description of and reasoning for my part choices below. Tell me what you think!

Motherboard: I chose this motherboard due to it's affordability, expansion options, and lovely BIOS.

CPU: I chose the the i5 4690k due to it's great single core performance and affordability compared to the 4790k.

SSD: I chose this SSD because I happened to be at Best Buy and it was on sale.

HDD: This HDD is used as a mass storage device. It was inexpensive, has decent reviews, and has a large capacity. 'Nuff said.

PSU: I did lots of research and eventually decided on this PSU. It has gold efficiency, lovely cable sleeving, high reliability, offers enough juice to power my components and future upgrades, and a good warranty to back it up. Not to mention it's fully modular and I got it on sale at Amazon for $90. Awesomesauce.

Case: Old but gold. Best Buy price matched the mail in rebate from newegg so I ended up paying only 40 dollars for this bad boy. I should have probably got a newer case but I don't need flashy windows and this case allows for great airflow. I would have liked to see greater cable management flexibility, but in this case I was slightly disappointed. (Heh, pun)

RAM: I should have honestly put more thought into the memory. With RAM being so cheap, there's no reason not to go for faster memory. It should be noted that I plan on eventually getting another 8gb stick and running it in dual channel mode, which is why I settled on a single 8gb stick.

CPU Cooler: Pretty self explanatory stuff here. Cheap, offers decent temps for the price, and is good for mild overclocking. Props to Cooler Master.

GPU: After lots of research, the R9 390 seems to be the sweet spot for price/performance right now. Absolutely digging this card.

If you've made it this far thank you for reading! This is my first ever build and I think overall that I did okay. I know that I could have done some things better but I feel like I did a fairly solid job. Comment if you have any suggestions for future expansions/parts I should have or could have used. Thanks!

Part Reviews


Simple, fast, and effective. Even if you aren't overclocking (though I recommend you do) this is a sweet little quad core that won't be a bottleneck to any modern card. Even if it is a last gen socket.

CPU Cooler

It does what it's supposed to do, though I wish I had invested more in a higher end cooler. Price to performance is okay.


Awesome motherboard with arguably the best BIOS for beginners. Full of features and inexpensive. Impressive board for a reasonable price.


Good SSD for the price. Highly recommend.


It's a lot of storage for a little money. This drive is a really good deal on sale, and even when it's regularly priced.

Video Card

It's damn good at pumping out good graphics on new AAA titles at high resolutions, it just tends to sound like a jet engine while doing so. Also, I don't know about in general, but my card is a terrible overclocker. Temps are good though. Good deal for the money.


Its a case that fits all of my parts, was cheap, and has good airflow. Radiator support isn't so good, cable management isn't great, and the steel interior is butt ugly. There are currently better options out there for the retail price of $60 but if you can get it on super sale, I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger.

Power Supply

AWESOME power supply. Gold efficiency, BLACK modular cables, and quiet, all for $90? I think yes.

Optical Drive

It works and it's loud. Just like optical drives should be I guess.


If you like MX Red switches, need a compact form factor and don't mind an absence of backlighting, you'll love this keyboard.


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I REMEMBER THAT CASE. It was the one they reccomended me for my first build lol. +1

  • 48 months ago
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I can see why. It's old but has so much mesh, it's the perfect case for an all air cooled system

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It was a great beginner case and still is.

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Simple, effective, game on!

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Added photo with h60!

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