Finally moved to building PCs. Got sick of paying for things I didn't want or parts that I was over paying for. Built this so I could game with my kids, do school work, and everything in the middle. I am going to start upgrading this to a compact ITX to actually make it my dream computer, not a budget built. I did this as cheap but best as i could forn the money, even got the PSU for free with the GPU and the MB on sale for about $59, cheapest OC board at the time but now i love MSI boards for sure! Using the cryorig H7 lumi since it was on sale for about $39 at the time but using CAM along with iCUE is horrible. Going to do it right with this next upgrade build.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Great cooler, but the CAM software does conflict with iCUE once in a while. Its hasn't been an issue for a couple months so maybe one of the last upgrades for one or the other fixed it.


Never one issue. Not much experience with building but this thing was a breeze to work with. Does everything I need it to do, just no WIFI which was a quick fix with a little usb wife plug but then i'm out a usb slot... only use wifi for printing and stuff so not the biggest problem. just connect when i need it.


Originally built with the trident RGB but every time my computer woke up the RGB were off. Not the RAMs fault, just the lighting controller conflicting with the other lighting software I had. I got sick of it was returned for Corsair. I actually think the RGB on the Corsair RAM are nicer, way more control and brightness options. But i'm not bias and do wish the trident worked since i do prefer the appearance of them better.


Love everything about this case except the appearance of the front cover. Its a very quality built and smartly designed case but Corsair put a cheap looking panel on the front. I can live with it though since everything else is amazing. One thing though.... you cannot plug the case into the lighting pro. So I am stuck changing the RGB from the little case controller. I just got the Corsair 280 for my wifes build and made sure to get the non RGB for this exact reason. I'll put in my own damn case lights. lol. Change the front and integrate the RGB and this is a 5 star case. and make it possible to mount a 2.5 ssd in the front of the case to show it off, lol. I hate stuffing expensive parts in the back with the wires.

Power Supply

Fan ticks when cranks. I barely run at 300 at full power so i don't even know why the fan kicks on. I've checked for wires being it the way, torque on screws, connects, everything. Hasn't came on in some time which is nice but when it does its so annoying. The first thing i'll upgrade when i move to my ITX build. But I did get this for free when i bought my EVGA 1060. lol. so theres that.


Got on sale at Best Buy for nearly 40% off. Best purchase ever. It has speakers but headphones off the head are louder! lol. this is just a solid monitor with everything you need minus 4k and good speakers. Heavy base, full tilt/swivel, nice controls and matte screen.

Only complaint is that little red ring. But it looks good when i change my RGB to red...

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