I just use this computer for gaming and such.
Some games I play
Rainbow Six: Siege - about 160-170 FPS on a mix of high and low, such as highest quality textures, but low shadows, etc.
Apex Legends - about 150-160 FPS in most situations on max settings.
Fortnite (although played rarely) - around 160 FPS in the same situation in R6:S
Overwatch - Easily over 200 FPS on max settings.

I love this PC and building it was so much fun (even if I made some rookie mistakes during the process) and it performs like a dream compared to my 7 year old laptop! :)

(Ignore the messy cables in the pic lol)

Part Reviews


Chosen because of the multitasking performance and price. Performs very well in games and in any apps I use.

CPU Cooler

Keeps the Ryzen very cool in most cases.


Chosen because 1) I need WiFi and 2) I was going to order an MSI motherboard, but it was on backorder for 3 weeks and I chose to buy this motherboard rather than wait. The BIOS is not bad and it works good for what I need.


This RAM is plenty for my needs, I haven't used more than 80% in anything I do, and it is plenty fast. I don't know if it is my mobo or my CPU, but I can't set it to 3000Mhz in BIOS, but 2966 works.


Very fast storage for my OS and games, I can boot into Windows in around 10-15 seconds.


Tons of storage for any pictures or loose files that don't need the power of the SSD to be loaded quickly. Not loud at all, as far as I can tell.

Video Card

Very good card, very good at keeping itself cool, I absolutely love it!


Decently roomy case, nice airflow, not flashy, I like it.

Power Supply

I wish I got a 80+ Gold or something like that, but this works just fine as far as I can tell, no issues with it powering all the parts.


Amazing 144hz monitor, buttery smooth. Originally the colors seem weird and its a bit bright, but I like the preset "Gamer 1" in the settings. I don't know how good the colors are for professional work, as I just game, but I don't see any issues.


Very nice mechanical keyboard, not super clicky, nice RGB that can be tuned with Corsair's software.


I really like this mouse, very nice shape and everything.


  • 7 months ago
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turn on shadows for r6 siege if you hear someone look for a shadow on the ground

  • 7 months ago
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I do have shadows on, but not high-quality ones, lol

  • 7 months ago
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ohh lol

  • 7 months ago
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We need more pics please

  • 7 months ago
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I'll have to take some later haha

  • 5 months ago
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How is the monitor with a nvidia card?

  • 5 months ago
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Having no problems at all with it :) I know it isn't Gsync but I don't notice any issues with it. Granted, I haven't used a Gsync display and don't know if it is like the jump from 60hz to 144hz, where you don't want to go back, but I don't have any complaints about the monitor