I use my PC for gaming, streaming, software development, 3d and video rendering, etc.

My last PC had a CPU/Mobo that was about 10 years old. It was time for an upgrade.

I had to do OS Software level RAID5, as the motherboard only supports RAID0, RAID1, and RAID10.

Initially, I had the SSDs setup as raid0, but ran into performance issues with the SSD not running in AHCI mode. The SSDs would lockup with 100% disk activity, making the system completely unresponsive from anywhere to 5 seconds to over a minute. Software like chrome, windows defender, superfetch, and windows search, would appear to be the culprit, but they were just a symptom of the cause.

I have since removed the RAID0 of the OS disks, and just have the OS installed on the PNY 480GB SSD. I no longer experience any type of disk lockup.

My 2 gripes about the case, that is a beautiful piece of hardware, is that the glass side panels are not hinged, and there is not a reset button on the case. I don't really care much about the reset button, as I don't really use the reset button.

The system itself is 100x quieter than my old system. even though it has more fans.

I have the Yahama MG10XU to route the mic, and output from PC (and other devices) into a single channel that I can then mix and send back to the PC input to send to OBS when streaming.

Part Reviews


I have had nothing but good experiences so far with this.

CPU Cooler

Simple setup, and installation. If you are doing an AIO Liquid Cooling, this is a good choice.


I keep my motherboard/cpu for years. With everything that this MOBO supports out of the box, I hope this is one that I can keep for a long time.

Video Card

Was looking for a newer card that wasn't going to break the bank. The price of most of the video cards are insane. While still a little expensive, in comparison, this card is a decent price. Nothing negative to say. It has not had a problem rendering any of the games I play, and the rendering of the video while streaming the game at the same time.


This thing is beautiful. Sturdy design, not made of plastic, or flimsy metal. I really only wish that the side panels were on hinges, instead of having to come all the way off.


I love how these sound. They are great headphones. I have 2 pair of these. One for home, and one for work.

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  • 23 months ago
  • 2 points

Great productivity rig!

Will definitely last for a long time.


  • 23 months ago
  • 1 point

What he said, exactly!

  • 23 months ago
  • 2 points

How did you rotate the nzxt logo on the pump?

  • 23 months ago
  • 1 point

That is where it was when I put it on... and i liked it on the angle so i left it.

  • 23 months ago
  • 0 points

Interesting choice to go with the 1900X, +1 for that.