I wanted to stick to a $1000 budget and build a PC that was capable of 1080 gaming at ultra settings. Been playing Overwatch since launch and I don't think I could be any happier with what I had to pay for this build. Everything is great so far!

update: I'm FINISHED! Added a gaming monitor, Part picker doesn't have Atron Vision available to include in the build list but as far as I know it is rebranded Qnix, but this 24in monitor is so sharp! Can definitely tell a huge difference between 60hz and 144hz 1080p. Also added mechanical keyboard from Azio, ordered orings for the kaihl blues, I love the click but could definitely do without the clunk. And finally I added a gaming mouse, lowest dpi I could find with the right features was luckily from the same company as my keyboard to match, the exo1. The 1250 dpi is the lowest it gets, I'd like it to be much lower but then I would really have to dish out some more money. I am really happy with my build and truly appreciate this site! Thanks again

Part Reviews


I did not want to skimp on cpu but I didn't want to go overboard either. So I met halfway

CPU Cooler

Affordable cooling was what I was sticking to and I read how good this was off reddit. So far so good.


Great board. Supports xfire so I guess dual R9 390s are in my future?


I wanted to splurge on some 3000s buuut... meh


First time using M.2 on a desktop and honestly, I blinked and windows booted, its so fast.

Video Card

I noticed Its a little loud during big fights but I only noticed it when I took my headphones off. Other than that, card is a beast.


For this price and the amount of customization its hard to beat. I'm running 1 200mm intake fan and 3 140mm exhaust fans, sometimes I like to lay my head next to the side exhaust for the breeze. Cable management is super easy with all the little holes everywhere and dust filters galore. Some great thought was put into this case and at a budget price. Definitely a case for the people.

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  • 47 months ago
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+1 Nice build! Try get some more pictures!

  • 46 months ago
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How is the motherboard? Was it easy to set up? Does it have good features and such?

  • 46 months ago
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motherboard was a breeze to setup. bios is really "EZ" to navigate. features are great. m.2, a lot of sata ports. 64gb ready. skylake is overclocked 4.2ghz 24/7. looks great with the gold bling. kinda futureproofed. if i were to nitpick i do wish that the fan inputs were located elsewhere and that it came with at least a couple more sata cables.