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Hey there, pc partpicker community,

I have been planning this build for over two years now and after sooo many hours of research I am finally ready to do it

Edits brought to the part list while buying: -Case was moved to a NZXT H500

-Ram was replaced with Trident Z RGB

-2TB became 1TB

-PSU got replaced with an EVGA equivalant.

-LL140 replaced with LL120

-Monitor replaced by an ASUS VG278Q

The build went smoothly for most parts except for the motherboard installation into the case, one of the standoffs was simply not there (come on NZXT!) and the another hole on the motherboard was not properly drilled in and did not align with the standoff (come on ASUS!). Otherwise the build went like a dream and the pc booted first try. I do need to work on my cable management next time.

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add pics