What do you use the machine for?

Another poor financial decision... I tried to unload my computer off to my brother, but he says his BSODing Dell is perfectly fine... Sure....


Yes. Currently at 4.4ghz on all cores. Still playing around with it. I've never messed around with this generation of CPUs, so learning a little at a time. I am having trouble with overclocking the memory with this board. I eventually just set the memory to "Auto" and only played with the clock multiplier. This system easily scores between my i7-8700K system and my i5-9600K on real bench.

What worked well?

Apparently, the open air chassis really keeps my GPU cool. For whatever reason, it never goes above 55 C.

Any problems?

When I first received the lot of products, the motherboard included was completely dead. I ended up purchasing a refurbished Asus ROG Strix X99 board off of eBay to replace the bad board.

The next problem I encountered was a bad x16 PCIe ribbon cable. The ribbon cable from Thermaltake is/was plagued with problems. Apparently, this is a known thing. Ended up buying a different brand on Amazon for $24 and that is working amazing.

Custom-Loop Watercooling

Part of an EKWB Kit, a 420mm radiator, and a bunch of fittings.

There's currently no GPU waterblock at the moment. No plans to upgrade to a water block. I don't think a GPU block will help that much. Only at 55C under load. I have a watercooled version of this card in my main desktop, and under full load, the card is only at 45C.

Future Upgrades m.2 NVME drive; Thinking about the WD Black SN750 with heatsink. Another Asus GTX 1070 Strix

Components Notes
EKWB S420Radiator 3x Cooler Master Air Pressure 140mm fans
EKWB Supremacy MX WaterBlock CPU: Intel i7-5930K
EKWB SPC Pump/Reservoir Combo 200mL Reservoir tube Tube
Flow Indicator
In-Line Temperature Probe


User Benchmark

Benchmark Score
ASUS ROG Real Bench - 4.4ghz 127,036
CineBench - OpenGL 156.84 fps
CineBench - CPU 1288
User Benchmark - Gaming 104%
User Benchmark - Desktop 97%
User Benchmark - Workstation 92%


Description Cooler Temperature
CPU Load Folding@Home Water Cooled 63 C
GPU Load Folding@Home Air Cooled 55 C


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Great benchmark scores for a semi-old build.

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Thanks! Not quite sure where the upper limit is, but I guess we'll find out. I think there's still a bit of room to work with. We'll see!