Hello I made my second project it took time and patient same mistakes was made during the build but it's finally dun and result speaks by itself probably it's not as good as my first build but i learn a lot now stuff and i hope that in the future i will make even better .

I took a part oll case wash, sand and paint. Remove front plastic piece and made bracket for 3 120mm fans. Sleeve power supply cables and youse cable combs. Cut out square in side panel and glue glass. Made motherboard io,cpu, graphic card, power supply cover and painted. Cute big front glass piss use vinyl and paint. Put switch buttons for pc start up and led lights.

Parts what was i just in this project: Cpu: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 3.00GHz Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-DS3R Graphic card: GeForce GTX 770 4GB ZOTAC Ram: Ocz Fatal1ty PC2 8500 8Gb DDR2 RAM Psu: Corsair CX 750W — 80 PLUS® Bronze Audio: Sound Blaster ZXR Fans: 3 120 mm corsair fans and 2 120mm cooler master cpu fans Ssd: INTEL 37GB , Msata SAMSUNG 238GB, Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB Cpu cooler: Hyper 212 Evo Case: RM EXPERT 3040

Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you guys think. All criticism is welcome :)

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  • 32 months ago
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Hey, that's neat. How are the temperatures?

  • 32 months ago
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This is very interesting.. I had this chieftec dragon case that I took apart, mounted some 120mm fan wholes and all, was going with same kind of thing but I didn't leave enough room for legs cause I had 3 fans on bottom... Anyways... I tossed it and gave up

  • 32 months ago
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Anyways... How is the performance?

  • 30 months ago
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I like how you misspelled as and PCPP censored it.

  • 22 months ago
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Dude! Totally awesome!

Talk about a makeover, phew! Honestly I like this better than you're other build. This one obviously took more effort. Don't get me wrong the carbon fiber wrap looks great on the other one, but this build has character!

The only thing to be done different is perhaps go with matte or flat paint as gloss is super hard to make look nice.

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