I've wanted a gaming pc for the loooongest time and I finally had saved up enough to where I wouldn't need to compromise on what I wanted it to be able to do.

Its been built for the last week. Its been on for 12 hours a day give or take a couple, and so far, everything is working perfectly. When I was waiting for parts to come in, I had nightmares that I would have to RMA some of them lol. I bought the extended warranty for every single piece. (amazon warranties are decently cheap and cost me an extra 30 dollars total) The 1070 ti, I bought through Newegg. It shipped via FedEx Smartpost and took a week and a half longer than every other piece I ordered through amazon. I wasn't too happy with that but I think it was worth the wait for such cheap shipping.

I was also worried about the Zotac amp extreme because a ton of the reviews online say that it gets way to hot or develops some coil whine. So far, I haven't seen a temp over 58c when gaming and its as quiet and cool as I could ask for.

The Ryzen 7 2700x is a beast. Period. Does everything advertised. Im not an overclocker, I may try it at some point but I think im good with the base clock for now. It games well.

Gaming at highest settings in Witcher 3 I get at least 80 fps. Im sure that can get better if I try to overclock. If i customize some of the settings, it easily reaches 130-150fps to match my 144hz monitor. I have yet to see any stutter or tearing.

The Phantex Enthoo Pro has more than enough space for the giant Zotac card. (32.5cm) With the drive racks in, there is still a good inch and a half of space between. I got the model without the see-through side panel, which is fine with me. Airflow is good with just the two case fans it came with. I set my fans to around 50 - 65% when gaming and never see temps over 58c.

I think this build leaves plenty of room for upgrades in the future should I get hungry for more but for now, its perfect.

(will edit if things change lol)

Part Reviews


It wasn't in the budget to get M.2 so I got this. I guess Ill come back and compare when I do get one. This guy is plenty fast. windows boots in about 6-8 seconds. Game loading times are quick as hell. Its a beautiful thing. Just bought another.

Video Card

I read a bunch of negative reviews for this card before I bought it. I really wanted a 1070 ti and this was the only one in my budget around black Friday. All of the negative reviews were along the lines of shipping gone wrong or coil whine or fan speed never dropping to idle. Those might be the minority of cases because mine works beautifully and I love it. If it doesn't work or there's a problem, ship it back and get another. Chances are yours will be just fine. 10/10 would buy again if the prices ever drop back to sub 380.


This fit my Zotac 1070 ti Amp Extreme (325mm) with a little over an inch to spare, with the drive racks in. I got the case with no plexi-glass side panel because I'm not picky about aesthetics really. This has tons of ventilation on top, bottom, front and back. The two fans it came with (140mm front, 120mm back) work fine for my build, though I suspect if you want to overclock anything, you might need another fan or two. Good cable management capabilities as well. It came with zip ties, velcro cable straps, a small magnetic screwdriver and all the screws you need. The hardware box was still strapped down when it arrived which was nice.


Very clicky. I like. thumbs up


I've never bought a gaming mouse before this one so idk how much credibility I have here, but I like this mouse a lot. I dont have gigantic hands but they are pretty wide and they fit well on it. Mouse click seems just right, scroll wheel is tight and the two thumb buttons are in a good spot.

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  • 15 months ago
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Very nice balanced build. Does it run pretty quietly?

  • 15 months ago
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It does. The lowest the fans go is 39% not sure if there's a way to make them go lower. But I don't actually hear them until about 55%. GPU is quiet as well.

  • 14 months ago
  • 2 points

Sure you did it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

I swear I did! Lol