This being my first PC build, it's inspired with the comeback of Star Wars starting with The Force Awakens and Rogue One. I also wanted it to mold into different personalities depending on the interior lighting selected. This build generally has a dark grey/silver/black/red color theme, and I will be replacing the Noctua Fan with a Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 fan to complete the color theme, just haven't got around to it yet. I started with the i7 6700K and the MSI Z170 MPower Titanium Motherboard as I loved the color and felt it would fit well into the Star Wars theme, so I went with it and choose components from there to fit the theme and silence of course. Wanted it to fast, lean, and mean so went with Samsung 950 Pro as it was the fastest drive at the time of ordering, if putting together a new build I recommend the 960 Pro (better endurance and faster). And had to go AMD for the graphics, as I prefer the feature sets and Freesync and will be upgrading to Vega when it comes out. As far taking on different personalities I couldn't have done without a great lighting system I highly recommend the new Cablemod Widebeam Hybrid RGB/UV kit as the color combinations are incredible and really help to outshine the build. Orange = Rebel Scum, Red with UV (Purple) = Stardust, Pure Red =Tormented Soul (Vader), Pink =The Princess (Leia), Blue Shade = Beep, Blip (R2-D2)....any other ideas post them below... (Apologies for the picture quality).

Part Reviews


Great CPU, no complaints! Runs games great!

CPU Cooler

Keeps the CPU running cool with the same performance of an AIO liquid cooler, just wish Noctua fans could be standard in black. Also very quiet!


Love the color and the feature sets, especially the m.2 slots to run the latest NVMe drives.


Great design and runs fast...though there are faster modules out now...


Fantastic Boot Drive...very fast!

Video Card

Best RX 480 on the market, I actually got the Newegg exclusive 1338 MHz clocked version, can do 2560 X 1440p AAA 60Hz+ at Ultra with most titles with more demanding being lowered to high. And with Doom on Vulkan API, I was shocked to find out it CAN run @ 4K at high settings @ 60Hz, though it puts too much load on the graphics card, might be better suited toward 3200 x 1800p if running a 4K monitor.


Love the case, easy to build in and love all that tempered glass!

Power Supply

Never hear the fans and performs like a champ!

Wireless Network Adapter

Great wireless card that can get up to 1.3 Gbps!

Case Fan

Keeps my system cool and silent. And they perform like a champ!


Fantastic Lighting system! Love the color combinations and the way it just illuminates the build. Love the hybrid concept of RGB with UV lighting.


Perfect Blu-ray drive and when paired with Cyberlink 16 Ultra the quality beats most in-home units!

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  • 40 months ago
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I have the same case, love it. have to work on cable mgmt still...aiii

  • 39 months ago
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I noticed you got the newegg exclusive model, what gpu temps at load?