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Ryzen Whitewalker

by nummyfx



Date Published

June 21, 2017

Date Built

June 21, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.4 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

27.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

56.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.8 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

38.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

65.0° C


After not building PCs for the past 10 years, Ryzen inspired me to build one again. It may not be as cheap as buying a desktop, but it's definitely more fun.

I attempted to build a Ryzen PC that is not focused so much on gaming, and is more centered around computing (maybe mining, finite element analysis, MATLAB/Simulink). Linux compatibility is essential, so I stayed away from Gigabyte Ryzen motherboards. I was able to install Debian stretch easily with 4.9 kernel. There are some minor issues (like audio chipset support), but those can be fixed by upgrading to a newer kernel (4.11 seems very good).

For motherboard, I originally had B350 Tomahawk Arctic. I decided to swap it for X370 Titanium. It's pricier, but I think it is better as far as stability. Also, the BIOS is kept more up to date. The B350 Tomahawk Arctic BIOS is not updated very often and is even different than the B350 Tomahawk BIOS.

For RAM, I originally had Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200 but I could only get it stable at 2933. Then, I found the G.Skill FlareX which officially supports AMD Ryzen at 3200. I was able to use A-XMP profile and run it at 3200 out of the box.

For video card, GTX 1070 is good value/performance until Vega comes out.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Very happy with this AIO cooler. BTW, rev 2 just means it has the AM4 bracket included.

My only concern is the amount of pump failures I'm seeing in https://www.reddit.com/r/NZXT/

Maybe I'm lucky because I haven't seen any issues, and maybe the failure rate is quite small when looking at total sales. It does make me nervous though, but I'm hoping mine will survive long.


This worked out of the box using A-XMP profiles @ 3200, very happy with this RAM.

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KarmAngel 3 points 22 months ago

Nice build :) Did you noticed, on the third picture, the reflection of your mouse's purple light on your case, makes a sad face? XD FeelsBadMan XD

Quick questions: This case will have negative pressure, due to the 2 fans blowing out (rear and top fans). My questions are:

Is that a problem for you? How do you manage to fight back that negative pressure (when idle and when under load [ex: gaming])? How are your temps on the CPU and GPU (once again while idle and while under load)?

+1 and looking forward to your answer

nummyfx submitter 1 Build 3 points 22 months ago

2 fans blowing out and 2 fans blowing in from the front (kraken x62 has 2 radiator fans). so it's pretty balanced and not overly negative.

<- idle/load temps for CPU and GPU are listed here on the side under Details

KarmAngel 2 points 22 months ago

Thanks for the info ^_^

And sorry for not checking the details XD I was in a rush by the time i asked :P

Again, awesome build :)

ZinxOfficial 3 points 16 months ago

How is your Kraken X62 holdin up? I see a lot of people with broken pumps after 5-6 months of use.

Fraglepuss 2 Builds 2 points 22 months ago

A hyper 212 and a cheaper MOBO wouldve gotten you a 1080ti. Good build otherwise, I like the NVME drive

HIL542561 1 point 21 months ago

Are there any ultra white mobos like this with rgb Is the amd msi tichi rgb ?

ZinxOfficial 1 point 16 months ago

How is your Kraken X62 holding up? I see a lot of people complaining about the pump breaking after 5-6 months of use.

ProtocolCrusader 1 point 11 months ago

Does the Kraken x62 come with pre applied thermal paste?

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[comment deleted]