This has been done a hundreds times already but since I have all the parts now I would like to try my hand on this plus it looks cool having a PC in disguise so after some research and some patience I present to you my PS@ wannabe PC here. Its not perfect specially the back because the AB350 is a little bit long but since I want to finish this project so this will have to do for the mean time I had some issues fist regarding the PSU I have a flex PSU rated at 350 watts but it will not fit the case and I will have to put Rx 560 on top of it but I will not be able to close the lid :( so I opted for a 300 watt pico and an external PSU rated 300 watt I'm not convinced with this setup till get a decent power brick. I could make room for the Flex PSU if I drop the rx 560 since my CPU is R5 2400g but some how I'm not happy with the performance since I'm used to playing my games settings at high and since I want to finish this project already I'm going to let it sit as is until I came back from holiday :) well here you go feel free to comment and any tips to improve it will be highly appreciated.

Some updates :)

Decided to drop the led driver 300 psu and the pico and installed the flex psu instead since I'm running into some instabilities when running some stress test.

Decided to put back the 560 though I still cant fit it in the case so I just bolted it outside kinda look likes ghetto but it works :)

I know the back needs some work I need to get more creative here after holidays maybe. :p

Part Reviews


A good APU but dont expect stellar performance in high settings a discreet GPU is a must if you prefer to play in higher settings but over all it quite capable if your in a really tight budget.


Perfect for small builds just make sure you updated the bios prior to dropping in newer AM4 APU


Works fine stable and able to OC to 3000 in XMP.


Not as fast as an SSD but the massive storage space is a great one.

Video Card

Perfect for SFF builds.

Power Supply

Noisy TFX PSU if you can bare the high pitch sound it makes well this is good for SFF builds just dont expect to run high wattage GPU.


cheap RGB mech kb 84 keys only sapce saver and the build is quite sturdy.


Precise aiming responsive.

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Now that's a playstation 2 that I want.

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