This is my first build, with a little help from my brother. I'm a student who doesn't earn much so my budget wasn't the biggest in the world. I lurked around various different sites for months waiting for sales to get the best deal. My biggest regret is not spending the extra money for a better PSU and MOBO. It was definitely a learning experience and I can't wait to build my next rig.

-Did a bit of cable management. Added a second fan for push pull to fight the summer heat.

-Upgraded to a 750 Watt Semi-modular and painted the inside black.

Part Reviews


Great CPU for the price. Keeps up with any program and game, doesn't run too hot for an AMD CPU. Overclocking is nice. Perfect for a beginner build.

CPU Cooler

Best air cooler on the market for the price. Period. Better than some coolers that are three times the cost. Great for almost any CPU.


Okay board for the price. Not good for overclocking, kind of a poor design.


It's hard to write a review for RAM because really most RAM is the same anyway. I haven't had any issues so it gets 5 stars from me.


Not as fast an SSD should be. My Seagate Barracuda is actually faster. Only plus is that it's cheap. Spend a bit more money and get a different SSD.


Faster than my V300 series SSD. Quiet, fast, cheap. Great hard drive for any application. Considering getting a 2nd.

Video Card

Good GPU for the cost. Not very loud, but quite powerful. However I wish I had spent a bit more to get the R9 280X instead.


I love this case. It has amazing airflow, hence the name. Looks good on the outside, and it's pretty quiet. I wish the cable management features were a bit better and that the interior was painted. But that's nothing a rattle can from the hardware store can't fix.

Power Supply

Quiet, doesn't overheat, cheap. Good for most low - mid level builds. Would recommend to beginners. Going to upgrade as it's not modular.

Operating System

Much better than Windows 7. Snappier and well laid out.


Okay monitor for the price, not very bright. It was cheap and it gets the job done though.


Bought this for like $15 off of Newegg as a temporary keyboard until I could afford something better, but I honestly like this keyboard a lot. It's lasted a lot longer than I had expected and the keys are very tactile and responsive. I wish it has volume +/- keys. But it was only $15


I've had this mouse for quite some time and it still functions perfect. The receiver DOES NOT like USB 3.0 at all so beware of that. But besides that it's comfortable and performs as well as higher end mice.

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  • 46 months ago
  • 2 points

Love the build, but your cable management could use a bit of work. I know HAF cases are ****-tier when it comes to cable management, but you should at least try.

  • 46 months ago
  • 1 point

That case was pretty tough to manage the cables in, not many nooks to tuck them into. I've actually sold that system and my new system is in a Mastercase Pro 5, and I just stuck all the cables into the 'basement' of it.

  • 46 months ago
  • 1 point

Oh **** man, that's awesome. I've always wanted the MasterCase Pro 5, but it's too damn expensive for my liking.