i gave my daughter my old system however the old sandy bridge i7 eventually failed, which means its time for a upgrade. however a moment of silence for the old i7 2600......plays taps

however it gave me a reason to show her how to build a new pc from some of the recycled parts from the old pc and added some new parts. she also wanted a pink pc case, with multi-colors. however she mostly either wanted it pink or yah kids.

system is meant to be a replacement beginners pc for her so she can learn how to use it and have some fun playing mostly minecraft or subnautica with it. only fault i can find with it is the aging 660ti gpu, as many of you know of the current status of the gpu market shortages due to cryptominers. i have delayed buying a new gpu til price drops occurs or are reasonable. will add on more storage as she needs it as well otherwise runs nice with no conflicts or problems and a for a 100 dollar cpu its run a little better than that old i7 that was replaced.


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I love playing subnautica too!!! :) What’s the FPS for it?

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