So after having used 2 laptops, it was time for me to get a desktop PC, I needed somehting relatively strong to last me a good long long while, seeing as I aml a student. I did not buy all the parts that are listed here at once, I upgraded a little bit down the road.

I had a tight budget at first, so I saved some more money so I could build a pretty powerfull PC. the first build I made included an fx 8320 and gtx 760 but this didnt satiesfy me after looking up some benchmarks

back on topic now. I opted for the i7 4790k, seeing as some games got released that actually support hyperthreading, and ebcause I'm studying mechanical engineering, so I have to work with autocad software.
I started out with the zalman cnps10x optima cooler. it handled my CPU quite well, but I thought it was time to upgrade to liquid cooling. I should have dome some more research, I expected alot better from the h80i but truth to be told, I'm very disapointed by it's performance, and it is LOUD! I should have gone for a dual rad. ah well, these things happen.

for the motherboard I went for the cheapest SLI supported z97 chipset mtherboard there was, it's the gigabyte z97x-SLI. nothing to fancy, but good quality! i'll be able to get an SLI setup going further down the road if I need it.

as for the RAM, I got me some G.Skill ripjaws. no real reason for it, they arent that expensive and I'm familiar with the brand.

the thoughest choice was the GPU, I got the gtx 970 from MSI, the day it got released. I had a gtx 760 before, which I sold for a pretty good price.I havent regretted it for a moment.

I started out with a 1TB WD caviar blue HDD, recently I added an SSD because I ran into some money and decided I could spend some of it! so I wanted me a nice luxury item. and the long loading times in bf4 were quite anooying, so that was another reason for getting an ssd. so I imediatly took a 500GB ssd so I wouldnt have storage problems.

I made a little bit of a mistake with the PSU, the CX series are an okay line, but you can get so much better for the same price. ah well, I'm replacing it as soon as the waranty runs out.

I didnt start out with the corsair carbide spec-02 case, I used some zalman case which served me quite well, but I was able to get my hands on some items. so I got a carbide spec-02 case, a fancontroller(not the one listed in this partlist, I got the x-vision from aerocool but the item is nowhere to be found in this database) and k30 keyboard for a very good price. I bought me some new fans aswell because I was using sickleflow fans and they started making annoying(squeecky) noises.

seeing as the carbide spec 02 has a huge window, I bought a nzxt blue LED strip to add some more fancy lights to the case.

the speakers were a present to myself as the stereo I bought years and years ago broke down after such long service!

I didnt get a fancy monitor, perhapos in the near future I might get myself a second gtx 970 and a 1440p screen, but I dont need it. if I have money to spare and I want to get myself something nice, that's first on the list though!

I must admit, I'm realy happy with this build, the i7 4790k is a bit overkill for my needs, an i5 4690k would have been sufficient and I wouldnt notice much difference. but hey, now I got bragging rights.

I have been playing a bit with my GPU, seeing how much more power I could get out of it, I settled with a clock speed of 1506MHz and a clock rate of 8GHz. it's a significant boost, I can get more out of it, but it wont run 100% stable anymore, I did however get the speed up to 1601MHz to run a unigine heaven benchmark, but this only happened once. to bad I couldnt reach the 1600MHz mark! ah well! I still have a pretty good OCable card


I made myself some sleeved pci-e cables. did go well, this was the 1st time I tried this out. so not eveyrthing is perfect. in the future I will probabably do it again with a blue/black/white color combination. jsut didnt want to go all out on the 1st time!

I also got myself a backplate from coldzero, a portuguese modding group/company. it looks pretty damn good if you ask me.

todo next on the list is probably getting another cooler, possibly a custom loop. I'd also like to upgrade my PSU to a better quality unit, better safe than sorry right.

I also found a second screen may come in handy when working with autocad and other software, having a full screen for the design or schematic and the other screen with the toolbars would be nice!

I scratched the side of my case(the non window side) so I'll probably find some kind of logo or image I'll spraypaint on that(punisher skull perhaps)

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

I was dissapointed by this cooler, seeing the thick rad made me believe it would be more capable, but the cooling performance isnt all that great, it makes alot of noise when your fans go above 1100 rpm and the corsair link software is extremely buggy.


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Nice build! And your room looks awesome too!

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haha, thanks mate! it's not a new build though, it's a few months old already, I did improve the cablemanagement by a bit though!

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Hey nice computer.

I would of went with a full tower to be honest,it can breathe better in my opinion.

Curious,the background on the monitor where did ya get that from? and where did ya get the mouse pad? I am in need of a new one,I do like that one.

I am in the process of building also,I am almost done,will be done in Oct.,Nov at the latest.

My build v1;

I will be upgrading the CPU and Motherboard soon. The video card I have at the moment is the GTX 760,will be getting a 970 next month.

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sorry I havent looked at this in a while!

I got the background from googling dynasty warriors 7 or 8 ;)

and the mousepad was delivered with my purchase of a msi GTX 970. the first so manny got a mousepad with them, I was one of the lucky ones.

I'll be adding a wireless network card soon as I'm going to move soon, dont think I'll have a cable there the 1st couple of weeks.

and yes I should have gone with a full tower,but I got the spec 02 for free, and a full tower would add another 150ish dollar so I decided to leave it ;)

I also had to buy a new laptop as my other one decided to go up in smoke..... so aint got no money for anything at the moment!

you got a nice build yourself

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Its ok :)

Thanks for the info on the background wallpaper and the mousepad :)

Gah that sucks about you other laptop going up in smoke :(

How are the temps in the Spec 02? just curious.

Thanks for the comment on my build :) Btw I will be upgrading the PSU also,the 600w was just temporary. I also plan to upgrade to a sound card,yes I know its not necessary but I want a sound card. With the on-board sound I am using with the current MB sometimes it sounds like I am in a tunnel or underwater :( when I listen to my music from iTunes it doesn't sound as good anymore :(

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temps are good, got an intake fan under my GPU, 2 140mm intake fans in front, I also turned around the fans of my h80i, so those now get freshair from outside of the case instead of warm air from the inside. I have one exhaust fan on the top, and I managed to tinker a second one in the top.on the outside of the case that is.

casetemp doesnt go over 33 degrees and that's with the h80i blowing hot air into the case. it gets redirected out straight away by the exhaust fans on top and I have plenty of possitive pressure

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That sound good :)

Wasn't trying to be mean earlier when I mentioned about having a bigger case. Its just in the past people always told me that the bigger the case the better cause it can breathe better. Unless that has changed now,I am 41 lol.

Once I can afford it I plan to replace 5 out of 8 of my fans with Noctuas. Tried finding 3 230mm Noctua fans but I am guessing they no make 230mm,so for the 230mm I am going to get BitFenix Spectre's I guess they are good cause of the reviews. I want to do this cause with all 8 fans going it sounds like a Tornado lol.

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dont worry haha, I didnt think you were being 'mean' ;)

anyway, the case I have now is a bit on the small side indeed but will do for now. but I plan on getting an all out PC in some years, full custom water loop, SLI setup, well...the best of the should keep me bussy for a good long while building a machine like that!

and I never knew 230mm fans existed!

also, I have 5 case fans, they arent to loud, but they only spin at around 75% max.

now my h80i, that's something different. sounds like a jet engine.

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I would like to use blue with this case as well. Did you just remove the red fan and add blue leds?

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they have that case with different color variations. (soryr for the late reply, my post is also outdated. I sleeved some cables and switched cases.

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WoW best place I ever saw to gaming !!! _^ <3 and, awesome build +1